Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a surprise!!

Oh boy!!! Today I got some mail!! Mail addressed to me! Bruschi!!! And it's from my friend CoCo the Puggle!!! Oh boy!! What is it???

Hurry up Mom!!!! Open it Open it!!!

Oh boy!!! A bone!! And it's got lamb juice on it! Lick, Lick Lick!

Mmmm...Mmmm.....Deeeeeelicious!!! Thanks CoCo!! That was so thoughtful of you!
Hugs and Licks, Bruschi


misskyliem said...

Yay for a new bone!! I hope you didn't eat that WHOLE thing in one sitting B, you'll be sure to have a tummy ache later! BOL

Can't wait for October, Mom told me about our date!


CoCo said...

I'm glad that it arrived safe and sound Bruschi! I'd figure you would appreciate a B-O-N-E! That is me spelling...my parents do not know that I can spell "bone."


Peanut said...

Mmmm, lamb juice.... That sounds like a yummy bone bruschi! Have a great weekend! XOXO Peanut

rileythepuggle said...

mmmm, that looks super yummy!

stay warm, bruschi!

misskyliem said...

Hey B!!! I tagged you in a game over at my blog! Be sure to stop by!