Monday, June 30, 2008

Some recent funny ones of me.....I am such a silly puggle!

June 2008

I got to meet my Mem Brenda and see Pep Gary again! They just loved me!
I called her the Cookie Lady....she seemed to always have cookies on hand. I sure do love cookies!

Merry Christmas 2007

Merry Christmas everyone! I look so festive in my Santa least that's what mom thinks.
I got more gifts than anyone!! Santa must think I have been a good boy!

My First Birthday 8/11/07

I got my very own birthday cake from the Dog Barkery. It was made out of mashed potatoes and chicken.
Here I am with my daddy!
Notice my mom is wearing a party hat too!

May 2007

In May 2007, I met Pep Gary for the first time! Boy was he fun! He let me eat cheetos and all sorts of other goodies that mom and dad never let me have!
I also have a new liking for beer. (or beeeeah as mom and dad call it)
And Graham sticks are deeeeelicious!!

Pet of the Week Winner

Because I am so darn cute, Fox Orlando chose me as winner of "Pet of the Week". This was my winning photo. Don't you agree?

Surgery Day- March 9, 2007

What a miserable day this dropped me off to this strange place and when she picked me up a few hours later, I had this silly thing on my head, my legs were wobbily and I felt like I was missing something........hmmmm

My First Christmas 2006

Look at all the stuff Santa brought me!!!

Me at 15 weeks old

This is my brother Munchkin. He passed away April 16, 2007. I didn't know him very long but he sure did make alot of squeaking noises which got my interest!
Here is my family! Aren't we a cute bunch?

My first coat

It didn't take mom long til she started buying me clothes....I was running around like a maniac the first time she put this on me! I have to remind her sometimes that we live in FLORIDA!
This is me with my Chilly Bone from my friend Lola who lives in MA. I really had fun whipping this thing around while it cooled off my sore teeth and gums.And at the end of a very busy day.......I usually end up like this. I sure am cute when I sleep!

First time in the la nai- 12 weeks old

So much to see outside!! This Florida grass and the palm trees are very new to me! I can't wait to get out there and run around!

It is hard to believe I was this small at one time. I was such a curious pup and after a long day of playing, I enjoyed curling up with my dad!

My first day with my new family!

After a long flight from Michigan, I finally arrived at Orlando International Airport. My mom and dad could not wait to meet me!! I was one tired pup and slept the whole car ride home!