Thursday, July 23, 2009

Variety is the spice of life

Today the FedEx man delivered some new goodies for me! Mommy loves The Honest Kitchen food so much that she got me a smaller box of a new flavor to try! This one is called "Keen" and it is gluten free. It is deeeelicious! She also got me some snacks called "Muzzles" which are duck and cherry flavored! And see that bag on the's called Mellow Mutt; chicken strips with lavender and chamomile to help me relax during thunderstorms!

Sniff Sniff......look at my eyes! BOL! I look sleepy and relaxed already! This is good stuff!

Got anything else for me?

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Another Celebrity Death

Mommy just read online that the Taco Bell dog, Gidget, died yesterday at age 15, as the result of a stroke! So very sad! RIP Gidget!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Fashionable Friday!

Am I handsome or what?! BOL! Thank you Miss Kylie for getting me this fabulous neck tie! I think it makes me look so intellegient! Or "Wicked Smaht" as Mommy would say.....BOL

Happy Friday and Happy Weekend Everypup!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

I found a way to get rid of thunderstorms

Last night, Mommy and I were out for our evening walk. Please pay no attention to the fact that I am shaped like a meatloaf! I was doing so good losing weight, but now that Florida summer is here, I can only walk early morning, and evening time because the afternoon heat is brutal! So anyways, here we were just walking along.......and I stumbled upon this....

What does that say? S-T-O-R-M ??? STORM!? Oh no get me outta here! I HATE storms!! THAT little hole is where all the big scary thunder booms and lightning strikes come from?! Can't we just cover up the hole to make the storms go away!?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I'm Back!

Let me start off my saying that the reason I have been MIA, is because Mommy's computer crashed, and we had to wait for Uncle Mark to come over and transfer all her data onto a new hard drive. Whatever the heck that means. So I am back to the blog world finally!

Well, as you all now know, I am a big wuss and afraid of loud thunder. As you can see, I am clinging to mommy's leg for dear life during a recent storm. We tried a variety of things and nothing is working great.

I still freak out during storms, and forget about it with the fireworks booming on the 4th of July! Mommy and Daddy did not leave my side the whole night. I found myself quite comfy and cozy however in my crate! It did help a little bit. I just wish the idiot neighbors would have stopped their stupid noises all night! I mean really humans, why must you light things on fire and watch them skyrocket into the air and make horrible booming sounds! I am convinced, the humans are definitely a strange breed.

Oh and here I am in the Man Room, posing with my pillow. Do we look alike? BOL

And today was a pawesome day! Not only did we get the computer fixed, but I got a new bed! How neat! Now I have 4 different beds to choose from while I lounge around the house! Of course at night, we all know I sleep in the big bed, so technically I have FIVE beds! BOL
Here is a picture of me proudly displaying my new bed!