Monday, March 30, 2009

Something's on my Puggle mind

Happy Monday to All my Doggie Friends!
Lately something has been on my little puggle mind and Mommy isn't sure what it is! I lay in front of the pantry door, flat on the tile and totally sprawled out and let out a whimper every few minutes. I am trying to tell Mommy I want something out of there, but everything she gives me does not seem to be what I want! We tried a dental bone, a "Preston Treat" (those are the yummy green treats Preston gave me for Christmas!), even a new stuffie named Goose! (see picture above) But never fail, back to the kitchen floor I went!

Then yesterday, Mommy found me in the guest room, lying just like this! I like the guest room bed because it's low enough that I can jump on all by myself, unlike Mommy's bed which is much too high for a little puggle like myself! Of course when I hear Mommy say, "Ok Bruschi, time for bed!" I dash out of the guest room and into MY (mommy's) room and wait to be lifted onto the big bed!
I think I am just saddened to hear of Miss Kylie's new love affair with Ludo the Sheltie. I mean, he is handsome and all, but I am a puggle and we are the cutest dogs on the planet!! BOL!
What does Ludo have that I don't?

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Where have I been?

Well, seeing it has been a few weeks since my Mommy has allowed me to go on the computer, I figured I should sneak on real quick and let you know that I am still here and will be posting some more fun adventures soon!
However, in the mean time, the reason I have not been posting is because mommy has been online for weeks (hogging the compupter!) searching to figure out what is going on with her. She got this rash 2 weeks ago on her chest, and the dermatologist lady told her it was "Contact Dermatitis"....of course that is just a fancy way of saying she is allergic to something that touched her skin. So it has been two weeks and now the rash has magically turned into a bacterial infection!!! eeeeww Gross Mommy! Stay away from me! BOL! just kidding mommy if you are reading this!
So now she is on these awful medicines that make her very sick to her stomach and her head is "slamming" (that's what she keeps saying) and the doctor lady told her she'd have the results of her skin biopsy in a week. So for now, I am spending my time snuggling my mommy trying to make her feel better! (but not snuggling TOO close!) BOL
to be continued.......

Monday, March 2, 2009

I love Florida winters!

Well, while much of the eastern part of the country is in a snowstorm, down here in sunny Florida, we had great weekend weather! Saturday was the first day that Mommy and me started our tanning. Well, mommy tans, while I enjoy the yard.
I love sunshine and rolling around in the grass!
And please pay no attention to my snaggletooth that is sticking out.....I have no idea where that came from and mommy is very freaked out by this picture! BOL!