Monday, March 12, 2012

Puggle Cheaters!

Well, I have to report that Mommy and Daddy cheated on us this week with OTHER puggles!
You see, they went to New Jersey to visit Jack and Oliver's Mommy, Kourtney!

In Times Square, they got to visit with Mommy's college friend Fumiko and her babies (the human kind) and even met a SCARY Elmo!

While in New York, they went to the World Trade Center Memorial. They said it was amazing to see in person.

Well, Ebby was not pleased that they got to meet Jack, her puggle boyfriend.
Ebby says he's wicked handsome and a lover, not a fighter!

And while this may look like me, Bruschi, it is NOT! It is Oliver! (He has less grey than me because I am an old man!) He likes to climb on tables. It must be because he is showing off all the skills he learned in agility!

Mommy and Kourtney (Jack's future Mother in Law) BOL

Daddy got to go to Geno's and try one of their famous cheesteaks!

AND they even got to go to Ollie and Jack's Dog Park!
Looks like they weren't missing us much now does it!!

This is Ollie at the dog park...looking for mischief! He's a fresh boy, unlike me! BOL BOL BOL! (Good thing he's cute Mommy says!)

And would you look at Jack....sucking up to my Mommy, trying to win her over. He was telling her all about how he loves Ebby.

Well thanks furiends for taking good care of my pawrents and returning them to me! They got the sniff of approval when they got home!
Maybe one day we'll get to meet you too!