Friday, July 30, 2010

Early Birthday Package!

Today there was a package at my was addressed to "Bruschi"
Hey that's me!! I wonder what it could be!

Ebby, take a look at this! It's an early birthday present from my friend Oliver and his new brother Jack!

It's a Hide-A-Squirrel!! It's an interactive stuffie toy!!! Hurry up Mom take the picture! I've got to go play with this IMMEDIATELY!!

Tug Tug.....I've almost got it!

Check it out Ebby!!! This thing is neat-o!!

And I'm off with it!!

Oh no, my head is stuck!! BOL!

Ebby stole one of my squirrels while my head was stuck! Sneaky!!

A staring contest between me and the squeaky squirrel....

THANK YOU Oliver and Jack for my early birthday present!
That was such a nice surprise! I am going to be playing with this thing like crazy! Mommy read on the box that you can hide treats in it too! Won't that be fun!
Thanks again furiends!! I am such a lucky puggle!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Bugg you say?

Yesterday Ebby had her first visit to our vet, Dr. Geiler. She got her checkup, her annual supply of Heartguard, and her nails cut. Anyways, Daddy asked the vet what breed they thought Ebby could be.....and all the staff thought she looked like she was a pug crossed with a boston terrier. So naturally, I researched this online and that mix is a called a "Bugg"! BOL! Do you think Ebby could be a Bugg?

Profile of Ebby
Ebby's ears are tall and pointy....almost like that of a French Bulldog. She definitely doesn't have my ears!

Here are 2 pictures of "Bugg's" that I found online.....I can kind of sort of see the resemeblence......can you?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Lady In Red

Yep, that would be Ebby! Sporting her new red harness! I think she likes it!

Yep, she likes it. Red is definitely her color! Mommy was sick of her using an old blue one, and Daddy wouldn't let her get a Pink one, so they settled on red. I think she looks stunning in red! BOL!

Well, while Mommy has been cleaning and doing laundry all morning, this is what we've been doing. This is probably what we'll be doing most of the day. Hope all of my furiends out there are relaxing too while the humans do human stuff! Puggles sure know how to snuggle!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

First Car Ride Together

Yesterday, when Mommy got home from work, she had to run an errand and thought that Ebby and I would like to join her! All she has to say is "wanna go in the car?" and I am there! Ebby and I both were buckled in but then all of a sudden, Mommy heard a POP and Ebby unbuckled herself and she was suddenly sitting next to me!

Mommy was trying to get a few shots of us (while stopped at red lights of course), of our first car ride together! She got some funny ones!

BOL! Close your mouth Ebby you're catching flies!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Seats for puggles?

Life is Good. Me and Ebby each have our own seat in the LaNai! Well, the humans sometimes sit in them, but that is because I am a nice, sharing puggle.
We like to sit out here enjoying the breeze and view of the lake.
This is how we spent our Lazy Sunday. Hope all of my furiends had a good weekend too!

(Pay no attention to the missing part of the shade behind my head! That is from when the squirrel broke in! BOL)

Monday, July 12, 2010

Weekend at Bruschi's

I am watching you Ebby!!

Ebby, what are you doing in my Toy Box?!
As you can see, she is REALLY taking a liking to playing with toys!

Well, this weekend, Mommy and Daddy went to St. Pete Beach for the weekend and didn't take us, can you believe it?! So Uncle Mark came and stayed with us. This is Uncle Mark.
He took good care of us while the humans were away. Thank you Uncle Mark!!

And here are some pics of the trip that WE didn't get to go on.....

Thursday, July 8, 2010

A squirrel in disguise!

What happened to my puggle body?!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

When Squirrels Attack

Mommy came home from work yesterday to find a squirrel trapped inside our screened in porch. We don't know how he got in there......but he sure did wreak havoc there while Mommy was at work! Ebby and I could hear all the commotion but we couldn't see him from where we were. There was squirrel poop all over the floor, and he destroyed the bamboo blinds! What a mess! I think it is important that Tank hear's about this!!

In case you were all wondering......Mommy helped the squirrel get out. He was crying and screeching and terrified. It took a little time but Mommy was able to persuade him to the doorway which she had propped open. And once he caught sight of the open land, he was out of there!! Poor little fellow!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ebby found her Forever Home!

We have GREAT news! Little Miss Ebby has found her Forever Home!!
She won't be going too far......actually, she won't be going far at all! Know why?
Because her Forever Home is with us!!! We decided to adopt Ebby!!

Ebby is a perfect fit here in our house, and she has learned to play with toys!
This is what we do all day! She loves to take as many toys out of the toy box as possible!

Can you believe it? I have a sister now! A real sister!!
Mommy says, I will always be top dog in the house though, no matter what!

BOL, Ebby and her snaggle teeth! They show up in every picture!
I think Ebby is going to have a great life here with us. She has fit in right from the start and Mommy said that if I want to have a brother or sister, there is no better match out there for me than Ebby. We are so thankful she came into our lives, and so glad that we were able to save her and give her a second chance at life!

Welcome Home Ebby, Welcome Home!