Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Let's Play A Game!

OH BOY, I just love games!! I found out this morning that my good friend Miss Kylie tagged me to play this fun game! "You pick one, just ONE, buddy from your list and you give them a letter. They must then list and describe 5 things beginning with that letter."
Miss Kylie gave me the letter "B".......for Bruschi! :)

1- BONES: I just love bones! I like vanilla bones, peanut butter bones, beef, chicken, lamb name it! If they are hard and chewy then I'm all about them! Sometimes I lick them, especially if they are flavored, and once they get soggy, I can really dig my teeth into them!

2- BALLS: Dogs are supposed to love to chase balls, but I don't really do it so well. I mean, I'll run with it in my mouth and sometimes I drop it and accidentally kick it and that makes Mommy and Daddy laugh because then I chase it, but I haven't mastered bringing the ball back to them yet. This whole "fetch" thing is so overrated! BOL!

3- BUDDIES: I have made so many new friends, aka, buddies since joining the internet world!! How cool is it that I got to meet so many new people and get to share my stories with all of them and them with me! I can't wait to meet even more buddies!!

4- BLOGS: I never thought that as a puggle I would find this whole world of blogs.....dogs with blogs that is!! I make my mommy go on everyday with me and help me navigate through all of my buddies blogs to see what they have been up to! And mommy says its fun for her too because she gets to get to know the dogs with blogs families too!!

5- BOSTON: Ok so I let Mommy pick this one. She is from Boston, Massachusetts, well right outside of the city and she just talks about it all the time! She loves the Boston Red Sox, the Patriots, the Boston Celtics, the Boston skyline, Faneuil Hall, Boston Beer Works and so much more! Mommy misses her friends and family from Boston and says that this fall, I get to go on a road trip with her and daddy for a whole week and visit Boston!! OH BOY! I can't wait!!

OK so now I have to pick a buddy to play this game.......this is a tough one. How about I choose...... CoCo the Puggle. And the letter I choose for you is "C".

Have fun!!

Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

What a surprise!!

Oh boy!!! Today I got some mail!! Mail addressed to me! Bruschi!!! And it's from my friend CoCo the Puggle!!! Oh boy!! What is it???

Hurry up Mom!!!! Open it Open it!!!

Oh boy!!! A bone!! And it's got lamb juice on it! Lick, Lick Lick!

Mmmm...Mmmm.....Deeeeeelicious!!! Thanks CoCo!! That was so thoughtful of you!
Hugs and Licks, Bruschi

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Rest in Peace Allie

One of mommy's co-workers lost her baby this morning at 2:30am. Her name was Allie, and she was a Yorkie. She has been suffering for a while now with a collapsing windpipe, which because of her small size, was medically untreatable. After a long and agonizing decision, they had to let their precious baby go to sleep. Mommy is really sad for her and wanted to pay this special tribute.
RIP Allie. Now you are at peace. Your mommy will reunite with you one day, and then you will cross the Rainbow Bridge together!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Daddy's Slippers

These are Daddy's New Slippers! I bought them for him for Christmas! Aren't they cool? They are fire trucks!! I told Daddy that he should really wear these to the fire station while he is working, but for some reason, he leaves them behind.

So that means........that's right.......they are fair game!
I definitely have that, "uh-oh I've been busted" look on my face. I hope Daddy doesn't read this post! BOL!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

Happy New Year to all my online friends!! I can't believe I've been away from my blog for over a week!! I have a few more pictures to share, of some of the things I got in the mail from Preston, Kylie and CoCo! I couldn't believe mail came for ME! Addressed to ME! How exciting!

This one arrived just today! From Preston!! Thanks so much! I can't WAIT to try my new healthy snacks!!

And CoCo sent me this pawesome card with a super cute picture of her as Mrs. Claus!! Thanks CoCo!

And Miss Kylie sent me this card along with a delicious candy cane shaped bone! Below, you will see me eating it! Mommy said she's never seen me eat a bone that fast!! It sure was deeeelicious!! Thanks Miss Kylie!

I hope you all have a very Happy and Healthy 2009!