Saturday, August 30, 2008


Oh boy, it's the weekend, and that means.....BATH TIME! My mommy and I love this shampoo....called "Oh My Dog!". She has to order it online because it's from France.....but it sure does smell GREAT!

How of myself in the shower. We have a nice big shower so I have lots of room to run around and try to escape mommy's scrubbing hands! BOL!
Nice close-up of me.......looking rather annoyed as I usually do while in the bath.

And after all that scrubbing I've worked up quite an appetite! Time for my breakfast!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Tropical Storm Fay is coming to Central Florida today, but don't worry....I am ready! Got my "storm coat" on!

AND I have my stuffie Stanley the Squirrel to protect Fay, I hope you're ready for us! BOL!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer = one lazy puggle! I just love to lounge around after a walk in the summer heat! Lately I find myself on mommy's throw pillows before she gets them on the bed.

But then as soon as the bed is made, I climb right back into the pillows!

Daddy took this picture of me to show mommy what we do all day! hehehe I'm such a snuggle puggle!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday Party!!

Happy Birthday to me! I'm posing so handsome with my party hat on!

Oh boy! Mommy's home! I have been waiting so patiently for my cake!
Mmmmm....peanut butter carrot cake with frosting! Can't wait to dig in!

This is one of the new snacks mommy bought for me...they are colored and shaped like real fruits and vegetables!

Look at my new stuffies! I got a new squirrel, (because I tore my other one apart), a stuffed birthday cake that says Birthday Boy on it, and a blue fire hydrant that giggles!! I think that one is my favorite! I wonder if Mr. Firebear will like my new hydrant! BOL!

Thanks mommy for my great birthday!

Today is My Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Me! Today I turn 2 years old! My mommy was busy baking a cake last night, and I can't wait til she gets home from work tonight so we can celebrate! I hope I get some new stuffies!!
I will post some pics tonight!