Friday, January 20, 2012

Ebby's DNA Results are IN!

Ok so the results are in!
Be prepared to laugh! Puddles,you are especially going to LOVE this!

So we knew she was at least 50% pug....they got that part right. But check out their other conclusions......Chow Chow!? Daschund?! (Does she look like Puddles BOL!)
But then it looks like they can't figure out the other half of her other half.....

They all detected small amount of these breeds.
Is this a joke?! BOL!
Mommy is making a phone call!
They sent us a 7 page report, showing all the traits and characteristics of the Pug, the Chow Chow, and the Daschund. The only thing she matches is the Pug........Maybe the Chow Chow is why she has a thick undercoat, but that's about it!!
We still think she is a Pug/Boston Terrier!!

Boy, this sure gave us a good laugh this morning!
What do you all think?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Magic Fountain

For Christmas, Mommy got a gift card to Petsmart from her friend Caitlyn and decided to buy something new for me and Ebby.

This here is the Magic Fountain. Well, that's what Mommy calls it. I call it the Fountain of Fear! It holds a TON of water and is filtered and constantly being aerated so that my water is always super clean and healthy. (She said my bowls were always slimey even though she cleaned them daily)

Anyways, I just want to say that I am not happy about this new mechanism in my living space! I am actually quite terrified of it! See how far I am standing from it? That is as close as I would get for the first 2 days. I'd stand there and cry. I think Mommy was trying to dehydrate me or something!!!! BOL!
But then I turned into a brave boy and took a few quick licks near the edge and figured out that's only water!
And believe it or not, I showed Ebby how to use something for once!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Who's my Daddy?

Well today is the day!
Today is my DNA testing day! My furiends Jack and Oliver from NJ sent it to me for Christmas to see just what cuteness I am made up of!

Ok here I am posing with my box.....I am really nervous!!!

OMD this looks SERIOUS! TWO swabs they have to take from me!!

Thank goodness I am such a tolerant little girl.....Daddy did one swab....gotta swab for at least 15 seconds to be sure all of my DNA gets on there!

Swab #2!
Then all we do is mail in the results, wait 3 weeks, and then we'll be appearing on Maury Povich to see who my daddy is! BOL!

Stay tuned for the results!
Anyone wanna take any guesses as to what I could be mixed with?!?