Sunday, January 10, 2010

New toys to get me through this cold weather!

Ok so I haven't blogged in awhile, and its mainly because my paws and mommy's fingers have been frozen! Yes thats in Florida! We have had record cold for over a week straight now, even had hail yesterday! This morning out on my walk, I skidded across an ice covered street! Mommy laughed at me as all 4 paws went out to the side......she said I am not a winter dog!
So to try to cheer me up, Mommy got me a new bone!

It's basted in Peanut Butter so I like to give it a good licking before I start chewing into it.

She also got me a new stuffy.......his name is Woody. Woody the Woodchuck.

Mommy makes me introduce myself to him. I like to say, "Hi My name is Bruschi the puggle, and in about 3 minutes you are going to be torn to shreds." BOL BOL

Woody loves my bed.....just waiting for Mommy to turn around with that flashy thing so I can lay my teethers into him.

Enough of that fun.....back under the snuggly blankets with Mommy where I belong!
I can't wait for this "Cold Snap" to go away!
Hope all my furiends are staying warm, wherever they may live!