Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!!

OMD Santa Paws Came! He really came!!! Look at all these presents, just for me!!! I was so excited I didn't even know what to open first!

After all of my presents were opened, Mommy made me pose next to them for all of you to see! She says I am way too spoiled! But don't I look so happy?
Thank you Santa Paws! I am so excited I don't even know where to start!
Hope you all had just as wonderful as a Christmas! I can't wait to see all of your blogs!!
When Mommy has more time, she will help me post more pictures. But for now, we are off to the Fire Station to visit Daddy!! (He has to work today)
Merry Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008

Is this for me??

Well, a box arrived in the mail on Saturday, and it was addressed to my Mommy, from her friend back in MA, Aimee. She was unloading the box on the floor and THIS popped out! I immediately grabbed it and ran off with it! A Stuffie Snowman, just for me!!

Wait just a minute Mommy said......that snowman is a toss pillow to go with the matching blanket.

Huh?? A toss pillow? How stupid!

So now, he is my stuffie snowman! And I even like this new blanket he came with! BOL! Merry Early Christmas to Me!!

Friday, December 19, 2008

Check me out! BOL!

OMD, Look what my mommy is doing to me! First she turns me into Snoop Bruchi! I look so Gangsta!

Here I am as Santa Paws!
And Tiger Bruschi! As you can see, my mommy is very bored today and using me to cure her boredom! I don't find this one bit funny!!

For anyone else who is bored go to . The possibilities are endless! Have fun everyone! Happy Friday!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

I'm such a good helper!

Oh boy, I just love this time of year! December means CHRISTMAS, which means PRESENTS, which means WRAPPING PAPER! I just LOVE wrapping paper! I spent the weekend "helping" Mommy wrap gifts! I don't think she thought I was as big of a help as I did though! I like to tear up wrapping paper and run around with the gifts she's already wrapped and run off with them! BOL!

And then I had a new character show up at my house. I call him Mr. Moose.
Mommy thought he was so cute she had to buy him. I think he looks like a great new stuffie!
But Mommy keeps telling me "No!"

Oh yeah, well I'll show you who's boss.........

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sad News....

Well, I have to tell you about my recent ailment. I have been having some trouble with my back right leg for over a week now and Mommy has been very worried about me. One day, I just started limping and would not put my leg down. Then a minute later, I was back on it and running. The limping and lameness in my leg became more and more frequent throughout the day, but I wasn't in any sort of pain. So Mommy started searching on the internet and came up with a conclusion of what I had, based on my symptoms. And she was RIGHT! (See daddy, mommy is always right! I told you!!) I have "Patella Luxation". I went to the vet yesterday for x-rays and all the doc did is move my knee and he knew instantly what I had and luckily, we didn't need to do x-rays. He said he has never seen it in a dog my size, as it is usually in small breeds, but it is treatable with surgery. He said that I don't need to have the surgery just yet, as I am at a Grade I level of luxation, but I have to take it easy until we do get it fixed. That means no more running, jumping, rough housing with my girlfriend Molly, or long walks! I am bummed! "How could this happen to me" I asked the doc, and he said it is genetics. :( I have attached a link to an article about my condition if any of you are interested in reading more about it. I hope this doesn't become common for us puggles! Surgery is going to be expensive, starting around $1000!! Mommy said no matter what, I will be taken care of, even if they go broke in the process! Boy, my Mommy sure does love me!

I hope that Santa Paws feels extra sorry for me this year and brings me even more goodies! (hint hint mommy)

Oh and on another all know how I have been on this stupid diet since Oct 18th right. Well, I got weighed in and guess how much I have lost.....NOTHING! Not a single ounce! Other than a bite of Tofurky, I have not cheated! All this starving for nothing!! I quit! Clearly diets do not work!! BOL!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

My Thanksgiving Dinner

In case some of you don't know what Tofurky looks like, My mommy told me to post some pics of it for you all to see. It comes in a box, already filled with stuffing. It's really delicious! I was quite surprised! Mommy made home made mashed potatoes, home made mashed butternut squash (she put's OJ in it for a kick.....yummy), and steamed green beans. I tried a green bean but spit it out on the floor. YUCK!

All in all, my tofurky dinner was quite tasty! Hope you all had a wonderful holiday and let the countdown to Santa Paws begin!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving, or TofurkyDay as Mommy calls it (she's vegetarian) to all of my blogging friends! Mommy says that Thanksgiving is about being thankful for things. I'd like to say that I am thankful that I have gotten to meet you all and I've had a blast reading about each one of you! Hope you all have a great holiday weekend and don't eat too much! You can all feel bad for me because I won't be getting any of the good stuff. Neither will daddy! BOL! Tofu for everyone!!

vegan thanksgiving Pictures, Images and Photos

Thursday, November 20, 2008

In my nighttime attire...

Well, what do you guys think of my new PJ's?? Mommy got them for me because it gets chilly in the house at night and she doesn't think we need to turn the heat on yet, because we live in Florida. So she thought this would keep me snuggly!

Too bad my butt doesn't stay warm.....BOL!

I sure do love my new PJ's! Look how comfy I look, snuggling with my Stuffie Cake! Some of mommy's friends think she has officially lost it.........BOL!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Sometimes you just have to stop.......

......And smell the flowers! This is so embarassing and I begged mommy to please not put this up and embarass me in front of the dogs with blogs world! But I just LOVE flowers! Everyday while we are out walking, I have to stop and smell this particular bush of flowers! Mommy laughs everytime because I sniff so loudly and I don't want to leave! She tells me to stop being such a girly man, but I just turn to her and say, "mommy sometimes you just have to stop and smell the flowers!"

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Back at it with Mr. Firebear!

Some of you may remember my good friend, Mr. Firebear. Well if not, he belongs in my daddy's Man Room, and not out and about with me. (well at least that's what I have been told). So today while Mommy was at work, I decided to sneak around while daddy was doing what he does best.......NAP! Now the man room is on the opposite side of the house from MY bedroom, which I share with mommy and daddy, and in order to get there, I have to pass through the living room where daddy is on the couch. I thought I was so sneaky!! I managed to sneak Mr. Firebear past him, AND my birthday cake stuffie! All of a sudden, I heard footsteps......Quick I thought to myself.....act like I am burying my bone in the pillows! Maybe he won't notice Mr. Firebear!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Night

Halloween night, while Mommy and Daddy were handing out candy to the trick or treaters, I was laying in the doorway so sad and so depressed because I hadn't seen my girlfriend Molly all day! I guess I'll never know if she likes my skunk costume or not......sigh......

But wait.....I hear something! Mommy was telling me to sit and behave. She thought more kiddies were coming but I thought otherwise.....oh boy, could it really be???

YES! It was Molly! She's here, she's finally here! And she didn't run away from me! She thought I was so handsome as a little stinker! My night is complete!!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Well Happy Halloween to all my blogging friends! I hope you all have lots of fun in your costumes and get lots of spooky treats!! My mom has totally lost it! Look what she made me dress up as......a Skunk! A stinky little skunk! I look less than thrilled don't I ? BOL!
Mommy wanted me to show off my stripe.......she thinks I make a pretty cute skunk!

I hope my girlfriend Molly doesn't run away from me when she sees me tonight. Mommy is going to make me go for my nightly walk dressed like this......oh boy!
I think I look like a sad skunk in this picture......I was trying to tell mommy to PLEASE take this stupid costume off of me!! BOL!
Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I can't believe this......

Well, it has been one month since my trip to the vet for my skin "issues", and I just went on Saturday again for a follow-up and for my Annual Exam. I no longer have bloody paws from all the licking and chewing, but I am still a bit itchy everyday and seem to be shedding more than usual. (Which is driving my mom crazy because she's a clean freak!!) Anyways, I am still taking those Omega-3's which are supposed to improve my skin coat and help with allergies and the doc said I should continue to do so. Mommy changed my food from the vegetarian version of Natural Balance, back to the Limited Ingredient Diet, Duck and Sweet Potato. The doctor said I need to stick to it for a full 12 weeks, and ONLY that food......that's right, that means no snacks or kong, or rawhide or anything other than my dry food! He said it is the only way to accurately determine if it is a food allergy or not. He said if we stick to it, and the itching continues, I will have to see a doggy dermatologist for allergy testing! So, I am severely depressed to say the least! But wait it gets worse! So after my skin testing, my shots and general health check, they put me on the scale. I weighed 33 lbs exactly one month ago, which is what I have been for a year or so. Not this time.........I weighed in at 35.5 lbs!!! I gained 2 and a half pounds in one month!!! This must be a mistake! The scale must be broken!! 35.5 pounds!!! Say it ain't so!!! So mommy says that I have to go on a diet, until I get to close to 30 the chance that I could snack in the near future is now over! This is miserable!!!! Look at my face! Can you not see me falling into a deep depression?! I even told my vet about Preston's new friend named Wade, and how he weighs 40 lbs! It didn't help......I am officially on a diet. CoCo, you will have to be my inspiration because I know you have been successful! Sigh.....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'd like to introduce my girlfriend......

I'd like you all to meet my girlfriend....her name is Molly! She lives across the street from me and I cry on her front lawn almost every day, anxiously waiting for her to come out and play. I ran into her this week and found her wearing these blue funny things. And then mommy reminded me that Preston has a pair of Doggles too! She is so stylish isn't she? And after I am done playing with Molly, I am usually exhausted. So I grab my "Blue Bandit" and up on the couch I go. Mommy says that I must think I am human, because only humans hold their stuffies like this. I think I'm pretty cute! BOL!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uh-Oh....A trip to the vet!

I had to go to the vet yesterday afternoon. I guess I was licking my paws too much and I made them turn all red and bloody! Mommy panicked of course because not only were my paws irritated, I was starting to get little hives all over my body. So off to the vet we went! He tested my skin for fleas and ticks, and phew......nothing of the sort. But I do have a skin allergy and right now, they don't know what has caused it. So I have to bathe in antiseptic shampoo.. (no more "Oh my Dog" shampoo from France!! (Mommy is not happy about this). I also have to take Benadryl 3 times a day for a whole month! I am going to be one groggy pup!!! That's ok....I love napping!! BOL! And I also have to start a supplement of Omega-3's with my daily food. I go back in a month and hopefully my itching will have stopped. If not, we will have to start testing to see what I am allergic too. Mommy really hopes its not my food, because she has tried every hypoallergenic food out there, and Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance, Vegetarian Formula, is the only one that doesn't give me diarrhea or make me throw up!! Any other puggles out there have any of these allergy symptoms before?

Oh, and this is a picture of me riding to the vet, in my mommy's car. I have never been allowed in mommy's car before, but today was a special occasion!! I loved it!! She even put a special seat cover in there for me! (or maybe it was more for the car......hmmmm)

Saturday, August 30, 2008


Oh boy, it's the weekend, and that means.....BATH TIME! My mommy and I love this shampoo....called "Oh My Dog!". She has to order it online because it's from France.....but it sure does smell GREAT!

How of myself in the shower. We have a nice big shower so I have lots of room to run around and try to escape mommy's scrubbing hands! BOL!
Nice close-up of me.......looking rather annoyed as I usually do while in the bath.

And after all that scrubbing I've worked up quite an appetite! Time for my breakfast!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tropical Storm Fay

Tropical Storm Fay is coming to Central Florida today, but don't worry....I am ready! Got my "storm coat" on!

AND I have my stuffie Stanley the Squirrel to protect Fay, I hope you're ready for us! BOL!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Dog Days of Summer

Dog Days of Summer = one lazy puggle! I just love to lounge around after a walk in the summer heat! Lately I find myself on mommy's throw pillows before she gets them on the bed.

But then as soon as the bed is made, I climb right back into the pillows!

Daddy took this picture of me to show mommy what we do all day! hehehe I'm such a snuggle puggle!

Monday, August 11, 2008

Birthday Party!!

Happy Birthday to me! I'm posing so handsome with my party hat on!

Oh boy! Mommy's home! I have been waiting so patiently for my cake!
Mmmmm....peanut butter carrot cake with frosting! Can't wait to dig in!

This is one of the new snacks mommy bought for me...they are colored and shaped like real fruits and vegetables!

Look at my new stuffies! I got a new squirrel, (because I tore my other one apart), a stuffed birthday cake that says Birthday Boy on it, and a blue fire hydrant that giggles!! I think that one is my favorite! I wonder if Mr. Firebear will like my new hydrant! BOL!

Thanks mommy for my great birthday!

Today is My Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday to Me! Today I turn 2 years old! My mommy was busy baking a cake last night, and I can't wait til she gets home from work tonight so we can celebrate! I hope I get some new stuffies!!
I will post some pics tonight!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Things about me.....

I really enjoy posing for the mommy says I have a handsome profile

I will do just about anything for a Cheeto! Look...I'll even give you my paw! Pleeeeease can I have just one?!?
I know I shouldn't, but I just can't resist licking the remains of mommy's Vegetable Lo Mein!!! Humans have the best foood!

And there is nothing better then crawling into a pile of pillows. Most afternoons, this is where you will find me!