Saturday, September 25, 2010

Playdate with Fancy

HI Everyone! Meet my furiend Fancy! She lives next door and we got to puppy sit her today!

She was so excited to see me, she couldn't stop giving me kisses! Of course she couldn't resist me, I mean, can you blame her?

We all laid around and chewed some tasty bones.

And she found her favorite toy in my toy was the Preston monkey! I call him that because my friend Preston the Puggle sent him to me for Christmas last year!

Ebby kept a very close eye on her the whole time she was know how females can be....BOL

And here's our group shot before Fancy had to head home!
Oh and mommy says please pay no mind to all the sheets and blankets on the sofa......she said she's tired of lint rolling it BOL!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Ebby's New Leash

A package arrived at the door today and much to my horror, it wasn't for me. It was for Ebby!
Mommy ordered Ebby a new leash that she said was perfect for her.

It says "Adopted" all over it.

This is the website where Mommy ordered it from. They have really cool stuff on their site. Maybe she'll even buy something for me from there someday......I hope! BOL!

Here is Ebby trying out her new leash.....Mommy said the lime green goes great with her fur color.

She's so silly.....and this is when I took my opportunity to sneak in......

And off with the leash I go!
"Give it back Bruschi" Mommy way lady! I am not happy that I didn't get anything new! So I am claiming this!

Ok FINE, you win THIS TIME! Now get on that website and buy me something!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When will summer end?!

Hello furiends!
Well, it is mid-September and still blazing hot out here.
Ebby and I are out for our morning walkies, and it is just miserable!

Bruschi: "Hey Ebby....can you believe this heat? I thought summer was supposed to be over by now!"
Ebby: "I know Bruschi....think how I feel! I have black fur!"

Ebby: "Holy crap it's hot!"
Bruschi: "Stop holding up traffic Ebby, let's get this show on the road. Keep walking! The faster we get home, the faster we'll be in the air-conditioning!"

"Hey Ebby, come check out these beeeaaauuuutiful flowers!"

Ebby: "Sniff Sniff......Bruschi, you are a boy dog! What are you doing sniffing hot pink flowers anyways?!"

Bruschi here: for those of you who remember, (Click here) I have an obsession with flowers. Mommy says I am not a manly puggle at all! BOL!

Monday, September 6, 2010

Up Close & Personal with my Nose

Thank you to all my furiends who posted about my hair loss. Most of you seem to think it's stress related, and I think that is what the humans are leaning towards too. Especially since it got really noticeable while they were away on vacation. Mommy did some internet research and while it could be a number of things, I don't fit the symptoms in many of the other possible causes. We are going to watch it over the next week, and then if it isn't improving, we'll be heading to the vet!

I have posted two new pictures so you can see the hair loss. You'll notice that now it looks like two circles under my nose.

It almost looks like some of the hair is growing back around my muzzle......but now I have these two round spots..... it sure is tough getting old! BOL!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Help! I'm losing my hair!

Ok furiends, I know I just turned 4 and all, but something very strange is happening and it's rather drastic. See this picture below from my 4th Birthday? Well, other than my grey colored muzzle, all looks normal. In the past 3 weeks, I have been losing my hair around my muzzle and it's freaking me and Mommy out!

In the pictures below, you can see it starting to thin out, under my nose and on the sides.

And since the humans came back from vacation, it is even worse. Mommy hasn't taken any pictures of it yet, but will this weekend in hopes that someone might know what's happening to me.
I think I see a vet visit in the very near future.
I am not scratching at it, it's not painful to touch, there is no bleeding or scabs so we don't think it's an infection of any sort. Mommy is worried it might be the sign of an underlying disease.
Does anyone have any idea what it could be?