Monday, April 2, 2012

Mommy is either crazy, or she really loves us!

Well, we all know Mommy is a bit crazy.......crazy about US!

I mean, what's not to be crazy about.......look at sweet Ebby's face! I have certainly taught her where all the comfy spots are in the house. No more sleeping on cement for this girl!

And me, well, you know, my middle name IS (or should be) HANDSOME! So for obvious reasons, Mommy is head over heels in love with me!

So much so, that she went and got OUR NAMES tattooed on her body this weekend! Can you believe it! Even DADDY's name isn't tattooed on Mommy! BOL BOL!
This was Mommy' s FIRST tattoo ever and she went all out......even made sure to incorporate her New England Patriots team logo in there.

We sure are lucky pups to have a Mommy who loves us SOOOOO much that we are forever inked on her body!
(Or she's just crazy, but we won't tell her that!) BOL