Monday, August 13, 2012

My 6th Birthday Pawty- 8-11-2012

                   Saturday was my 6th Birthday Pawty and oh what fun we had!!!
I got a delicious cake from Woof Gang Bakery.  It was lined with doggy bone shaped cookies so it was cake and cookies all in one!  
Here is my family shot with my mommy, daddy and sister Ebby!
It may look like Mommy has me in a choke hold but don't worry, she was just holding me back from attacking that cake! BOL!

Uncle Mahhhk and Auntie Dahhhcy came to pawty with us too!
(For those of you without a wicked Boston accent, thats Uncle Mark and Auntie Darcy)

Oh Nom Nom Nom, look how patiently Ebby waits while I get the first piece.  I mean, it is MY birthday and all. 

After cake, it was time for PRESENTS!
I got a giant stuffed Armadillo! I named him Armi!  Ebby even got a stuffed Bunny seeing I killed her last one, BOL.  I love Armadillos and chase them around my neighborhood so Mommy thought it would be best if I had a pretend one to play with. 
Me and My Mommy.....she is the Bestest!

And after that exhausting pawty, I decided to take a nap with Armi.  I was pooped!  
Being Six isn't easy ya know!!

Hope you all enjoyed my Pawty Pics!!!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

I am almost SIX!

Mommy can hardly believe that I turn SIX on Saturday, August 11th.  So she thought we'd take a trip down Birthday Memory Lane!
My Very 1st Birthday.......a delicious cake made out of mashed potatoes and chicken!  That bakery has since closed and it's a shame because they had amazing doggy desserts!
On my 2nd Birthday, Mommy tried to make me a homemade came out more like a giant crispy cookie, but I am not fussy!  I sure did love it!
On my 3rd Birthday, I got a cake from Lainey's Bakery in the mail!  Mommy had to add cool whip to the top because it melted in the mail in the FL heat BOL!  But once again, it was deeeelicious!
On my 4th Birthday, my new sister Ebby had only been with  us for 2 months so she got to be part of my pawty!  Mommy went to a new local doggy bakery and got us delicious cakes!! 
And last year was Birthday # 5!  Mommy thought we'd have a Cookie Pawty instead of Cake to mix things up.  Oh what fun me and Ebby had eating cookies and tearing apart stuffies!

Well this year, I turn 6 and Mommy said we are having a pawty on Saturday! I can't wait to see what I get this year!   Already in the mail, my puggle furiends from Jersery, Jack and Oliver, sent me this totally pawesome blanket! 
 Look, it even has my name on it!  
Thanks furiends!

I'll post about my pawty over the weekend!!!