Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!!!

Well Happy Halloween to all my blogging friends! I hope you all have lots of fun in your costumes and get lots of spooky treats!! My mom has totally lost it! Look what she made me dress up as......a Skunk! A stinky little skunk! I look less than thrilled don't I ? BOL!
Mommy wanted me to show off my stripe.......she thinks I make a pretty cute skunk!

I hope my girlfriend Molly doesn't run away from me when she sees me tonight. Mommy is going to make me go for my nightly walk dressed like this......oh boy!
I think I look like a sad skunk in this picture......I was trying to tell mommy to PLEASE take this stupid costume off of me!! BOL!
Happy Halloween everyone!!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I can't believe this......

Well, it has been one month since my trip to the vet for my skin "issues", and I just went on Saturday again for a follow-up and for my Annual Exam. I no longer have bloody paws from all the licking and chewing, but I am still a bit itchy everyday and seem to be shedding more than usual. (Which is driving my mom crazy because she's a clean freak!!) Anyways, I am still taking those Omega-3's which are supposed to improve my skin coat and help with allergies and the doc said I should continue to do so. Mommy changed my food from the vegetarian version of Natural Balance, back to the Limited Ingredient Diet, Duck and Sweet Potato. The doctor said I need to stick to it for a full 12 weeks, and ONLY that food......that's right, that means no snacks or kong, or rawhide or anything other than my dry food! He said it is the only way to accurately determine if it is a food allergy or not. He said if we stick to it, and the itching continues, I will have to see a doggy dermatologist for allergy testing! So, I am severely depressed to say the least! But wait it gets worse! So after my skin testing, my shots and general health check, they put me on the scale. I weighed 33 lbs exactly one month ago, which is what I have been for a year or so. Not this time.........I weighed in at 35.5 lbs!!! I gained 2 and a half pounds in one month!!! This must be a mistake! The scale must be broken!! 35.5 pounds!!! Say it ain't so!!! So mommy says that I have to go on a diet, until I get to close to 30 the chance that I could snack in the near future is now over! This is miserable!!!! Look at my face! Can you not see me falling into a deep depression?! I even told my vet about Preston's new friend named Wade, and how he weighs 40 lbs! It didn't help......I am officially on a diet. CoCo, you will have to be my inspiration because I know you have been successful! Sigh.....

Thursday, October 2, 2008

I'd like to introduce my girlfriend......

I'd like you all to meet my girlfriend....her name is Molly! She lives across the street from me and I cry on her front lawn almost every day, anxiously waiting for her to come out and play. I ran into her this week and found her wearing these blue funny things. And then mommy reminded me that Preston has a pair of Doggles too! She is so stylish isn't she? And after I am done playing with Molly, I am usually exhausted. So I grab my "Blue Bandit" and up on the couch I go. Mommy says that I must think I am human, because only humans hold their stuffies like this. I think I'm pretty cute! BOL!