Saturday, November 27, 2010

Thanksgiving Weekend


Sorry we are just getting to blogging....Mommy has been very busy these last few days!
While she was busy getting ready for our Tofurky Dinner, (yes that is right.....the humans don't eat turkey here), Ebby and I were hanging out in the "Man Room"

Mommy got us these special Thanksgiving Dinner treats! They smelled like a traditional turkey dinner but looked like a sausage. Very strange!

Oh boy....I am STUFFED!

How about you Ebby? Ebby??? Yep.....she's stuffed too!
Thank goodness we have a full day of football to watch and be lazy all day!

Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

You want me to eat WHAT?

Hello furiends!
My weekend started out like this......with me and Ebby staring down Daddy for his pb&j sandwich!

I like to let Daddy know that I am ready and waiting for a bite by draping myself across his lap. BOL
So after the stare down, the humans headed off to do what they always do on errands. This Saturday was the grand opening of a new doggy store in town called Woof Gang Bakery!

They picked up my delicious food called SoJo's. Just add water and a yummy, chunky meal of vegetables and turkey is in my bowl!

AND THEN.... the STRANGE treats. Mommy brought us home bully sticks because we love those, but she also brought home these DEER ANTLERS. Yes, that is right you heard me correctly.....deer antlers.

Sniff Sniff.....I don't know about this one Mommy. Did you have to kill Rudolph for this?

Ebby (showing off her new christmas collar) was very anxious to bite into Rudolph's antlers!

Nom Nom Nom, right under the table she went with hers!

Still not too sure about this.....I like to thoroughly investigate new items....

OK I guess I can try chewing it......

MMMM these are great!
Turns out, these deer antlers are pretty much indestructible.....Puggle and Bugg Tested and Approved! And they are made of pure calcium so they are great for our teethers!
And no reindeer or Rudolph was hurt in this post......Deers naturally shed their antlers! (So I am told!)
Hope you all had a fun weekend!

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pugs Pugs Everywhere!

We made it! We went to the 8th Annual Pugsgiving today!
It was PACKED with people and pugs!

There were 2 rooms filled with different vendors, handing out yummy treats and selling all sorts of toys and pug related stuff!

For a minute, I thought I saw Maggie Mae there! BOL!

This sign shows just some of the pugs in the rescue group that need furever homes. They have already taken in over 300 pugs this year alone!

Hey Elvis, stop sniffing my butt!

These are just some of the pugs that need furever homes...

And bunches more!

Ebby got to walk across the stage in the "Parade of Rescues"

And they had a pug costume contest which was pretty funny to watch. For once, Ebby and I didn't have to dress up! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the other doggys in their silly attire!

We are pooped!! We had a very fun filled day of pug kisses and lots of treats!
Can't wait until next year's Pugsgiving!
Oh and Mommy and Daddy said we were SO behaved they couldn't believe it. Maybe that means we'll get to go to more cool places like this!

Friday, November 12, 2010


Hello furiends! Ebby here! I have a big day ahead tomorrow! Me and Bruschi are going to Pugsgiving!
This is an event put on by the Pug Rescue group we foster for, and the group that saved me from the streets! I heard I get to be in a "Rescued Pugs Parade"! Don't worry, Mommy will be there with her camera of course!

Check out this clip on the local news about it and see


Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Did we Move?

I am so confused, I thought we lived in Florida! Mommy says we still do but I think she's mistaken! We needed THESE to go outside this weekend!

Yep, that's right.....fleece coats! Me and Ebby have the same coat!

Except Ebby's is red because that seems to be her favorite color. She looks pretty huh?

Ok Mom, enough of the pup-a-razzi......let's get to walking so I can get back in the warm house!