Monday, August 29, 2011

We Moved!!

Well furiends, it's official. We have moved!
We actually moved into our new condo on Thursday, but on Wednesday me and Ebby got to take a sneak peak and see the new floors that daddy installed. We like the carpet! BOL!

MOVING DAY- August 25, which also happens to be Daddy and Mommy's 5th Wedding Anniversary. One heck of a way to spend it don't ya think?

I was very confused.......the house is all discombobulated....the bedroom is in the living room, and I did a lot of running around whimpering.

As you can see I was frantically scoping out the rooms, one by one, looking for my beds and my toys!
NOT a happy Puggle!

Ebby on the other hand, could have cared less. She wasn't phased at all!

Daddy and Uncle Mark loaded all the furniture into that big truck and we followed behind with Mommy in the Puggle Mobile!

We kept a close eye on that truck! Follow that Truck Mommy! It's got all our stuff in it!

Well, after a busy day of moving and unpacking, here is our new place!

You'll notice I am snooping around, checking out EVERYTHING.
Mommy hopes I adjust soon!

There is a random area that Mommy hasn't set up yet so for now, It's our playroom!
She said eventually we'll have a fireplace in there instead of that futon!
Pretty neat!!! I can't wait to hang my Christmas stockings on it!

Well, more pictures to follow later. For now, I am just trying to figure out what happened to my old house and how I ended up here. The first 2 nights I didn't sleep and was up crying all night. I am having separation anxiety if the humans even walk out of room I freak out.
They keep telling me I just have to learn that this is my new home, but remember, I have only ever lived in that one house my entire puggle life, so this is scary for me. Ebby has been all over the place, so she's loving the new place. I hope that I too will get used to it soon!
The good news is that it is only 5 minutes from Mommy's work so on the days that Daddy has to work, Mommy can come home and see us during the day! YAY!

Monday, August 22, 2011

Dressing up is for Girls!

Ebby got these new dresses in the mail from her boyfuriends in NJ, Oliver and Jack!
She's posing for them.....isn't she so pretty!!

I on the other hand, am NOT amused that I was forced into this watermelon ruffle dress!
Can you believe the insanity?!

Ebby said that she thinks the dress is just beautiful! (Yeah maybe on her, but not on ME!!! )

OMD if I just close my eyes perhaps this is all just a figment of my imagination!

Ok humans, I am ready for a night on the town!
All dressed up, and nowhere to go.......sigh.......

Oh and before I forget (this is Bruschi again) we are moving this week so I'll be MIA for a little while, but I'll be sure to return to blog land (not in a dress mind you), when I am settled into my new home!

Thanks Oliver and Jack for my pretty dresses! (That was Ebby!!! not ME!) BOL!

Friday, August 12, 2011

My Birthday Pawty!

Hello furiends! Last night we had my Birthday Pawty, to celebrate me turning FIVE!
Daddy had to hold my pawty hat on because I was not cooperating BOL

Ebby is such a good sport........what a show off!!

FINE......I'll wear the stupid hat......but hurry up and get out the cookies and the pressies!

Ebby and I are patiently waiting to dig into our delicious cookies from Woof Gang Bakery!

Ebby knew it was my birthday, so she waited while I got the first choice of cookie!
Then she started inhaling hers......I swear, she doesn't chew BOL!

I made sure I didn't leave a crumb behind!!
These cookies are DEEEEEELICIOUS!

Then it was playtime with our new toys!! Ebby ran off with the long doggy and destroyed all the squeakers.....what else is new!!

I was playing with my new colorful octopus with daddy!! I had so much fun!

Mommy also got me a PINK cupcake stuffie.....because my favorite color is PINK! sssshhhh
Can't you see how happy I am?!

Then we finished off the night with a little preseason football! Mommy and me have matching jerseys!
I had such a great 5th Birthday Pawty!
And thanks to all my bloggy furiends for wishing me a happy birthday!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

It's my Birthday!!!!

Happy Birthday to me! Today I turn FIVE! Mommy can hardly believe I am already 5!!!

Last night, the mail man delivered a package for me and Ebby! I immediately ran off with it, because it's MY birthday.....

After several minutes of me trying to tear open the package, Mommy had to intervene. Oh boy Ebby, look at all this stuff!!! And it's from our friend Miss Kylie and her brother Jimmy!!
We each got a rope toy, and a bag of chicken jerky!!! Oh and a gift certificate to Cody's Creations to pick out a leash pouch of our choice!! How neat!

Me, being the STARVING PUGGLE that I am, immediately ran off with the bag of jerky while Ebby and Mommy played tug of war with the rope!
Pull Ebby Pull!
(You'll see me in the background flipping around the bag of jerky....furiously trying to get it open!)

Ebby says "thanks for the rope Kylie and Jimmy! This toy is GREAT!"
And I say, " is this package puggle proof?! I STILL can't get it open!!!!!"
Doesn't this package know I am STARVING! BOL!

Big Thanks to Kylie and Jimmy and their Mommy Ali!!

My Mommy has to work today, but Daddy is home keeping me company on my special day! When Mommy gets home tonight we are going to PAWTY!!!!! Stay Tuned!

Monday, August 8, 2011

Hungry Puggle

Yep....I've been laying here for an hour now....hoping someone notices that I am HUNGRY!
See, this is the pantry closet that is filled with all of my doggy food and treats and bones.
Every once in awhile I'll let out a pathetic sigh and I hear the humans laughing from the couch.
I don't know what's so funny! Clearly I am wasting away! I mean, look at the size of my butt!

Friday, August 5, 2011


Mom?! What's going on around here lately? I see boxes piled up, and all of our stuff is going missing! Ebby and I are so confused!

Well, it's official.......we are moving. Mommy held a big moving sale last weekend and sold a ton of stuff. She didn't sell any of OUR stuff though PHEW!
Well, actually she sold our Brown Couch and that was our lookout spot so we are rather upset about that!!

So if we are missing from blogland for awhile, now you'll know why. It is utter chaos at our house with all the packing and what not (hence why Mommy is drinking the beer! BOL)

I sure hope our new home is nice. Mommy said it's smaller and it's a townhome.
Times are tough so we have to make adjustments.
Mommy said that as long as we stick together, everything will be ok.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Early Birthday Surprise!

Can you believe that on August 11th, I'll be FIVE years old!!
Boy how time sure does fly!

On Saturday, the mailman came to my door with a box addressed to me, Bruschi Smith!
It was from our NJ puggle pals, Oliver and Jack!

Hurry up Mom, Open it Open it!

SO much stuff in the box! As you can see, Ebby is working on killing the squeakers while I try to tear open the next package!

OMD it's a PATRIOTS JERSEY!!!!!!!!!!! I couldn't wait to put it on! I have been dreaming of owning of one of these since I was just a small pup!

Now that I have my jersey on, I went right after the football!
I've been waiting all my life for this moment!

Oliver and Jack's Mommy sent my Mommy a sign for the house!
HEY! What is she trying to say?! BOL!

Ebby and I are sitting in our new shirts. Don't we look great?!

Look, even Ebby got a Patriots T-Shirt!
Thank goodness the NFL is back!!!

Thanks so much guys! This is such a Fantastic birthday surprise! Mommy says you sent us way too much stuff! (But I am not complaining!) BOL!