Friday, September 23, 2011

Power of the Paw Needed

Furiends, your help is needed!
My mommy's best friend Caitlyn just found out that her 5 year old beagle mix, Brady, has been diagnosed with Dilated Cardio Myopathy, and has been given just months to live.
This is devastating news to her family, as well as mine.

Just last year, these are the same friends that lost their beloved lab Maddie to cancer tragically.
Two dogs, in Two years, both so young.

When Mommy visited Caitlyn last year, she called Brady the "Bra Bandit" because he would sneak into her suitcase and run off with her bras! BOL! That is the face of an innocent dog, don't ya think!? BOL!

So furiends, I beg and plead that you send the power of the paw to Brady and to his family that he is not suffering and that he may continue to live as long as a life as possible. He is on medications and will have to have regular EKG's to monitor his heart. Mommy's heart is breaking for Caitlyn and her family right now. Looking at Brady's can you not love him.
Thanks for reading furiends!

Sunday, September 11, 2011

My first package in my new home!

Thank goodness the mail carrier knew that I moved! How else would I get my special packages from my special furiends?!

Today the mail man delivered a box to me and Ebby from Preston and his family!
Preston's mommy even sent Mommy a beautiful candle as a housewarming gift! But she took that out of the box before me and Ebby got ahold of it.

Sniff Sniff...what is in here Ebs???

Oh boy, look at all this stuff!!! And look at the smiles on our faces! We are HAPPY!

Ebby took a particular liking to the bees hive and managed to break ALL the bees squeakers in less than 5 minutes! (She ruins EVERYTHING!)

I ran off with my new sock monkey so Ebby couldn't ruin that too!

Oh and those Treats were DEEELICIOUS! Mommy gave us each THREE of them because we were so behaved! (well, other than Ebby killing the squeakers that is)

Thank you to my pal Preston and to his family for thinking of us!
We really love all of our new stuff!!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Settling in and Snuggling around

Why hello there furiends! I haven't blogged since I moved into my new home and I wanted to tell you how it was going!

Well I found this great new blanket that I love cuddling in....

Oh and this is another blanket I have taken a liking to!

Nothing beats snuggling on Mommy though.....and did you notice how close me and Ebby were?

Since moving in, we are becoming an even closer brother and sister!
Mommy is very happy about this!

I also like to lay like a human on my back while snuggling with Daddy!

Well there you have it......since moving in, it took me a solid week to settle down but now I am loving my new home, loving my sister Ebby, loving my humans, and LOVING all the blankets and snuggling I've been doing! Mommy thinks I am even more relaxed here than at my big house! I've met tons of new furiends.....a lot of them are pugs! Mommy loves that since she volunteers with Pug Rescue of Florida! Hopefully I'll get some pictures of me and my new buddies!
Bruschi....signing off!