Saturday, April 24, 2010

Maggie's Last Day

Yep, today was the day we had to say our goodbyes to Miss Maggie! Mommy loved taking care of Maggie for the past month while she was waiting for her forever home to come along.

This morning it was our last breakfast together...."feeding time at the puggle zoo."

Oh boy a car ride! I look worried don't I....I knew it was going to be a sad drive! Mommy started crying before we even pulled out of the driveway! Thank goodness she brought an entire box of kleenex!

Well, here we are at the Pet Adoption Expo at the Tampa Fairgrounds! Both of us were so behaved Mommy could not believe it! There were a few dozen rescue organizations there and hundreds and hundreds of dogs that need homes! We got to sniff around and meet so many of them!

This is the last picture of us together before Mommy handed Maggie over to her new owner. It was nice to meet him and it reassured Mommy that Maggie is truly going to a wonderful home! He even showed us a picture of his puggle Jake! He is handsome just like me! I hope he likes Maggie!

Please send all of your best doggy vibes to Maggie and wish her well in her new home! She knows that if for whatever reason it doesn't work out, she has a place to come back to.
Mommy spent the rest of the day sobbing......not just because she is sad Maggie is gone, but because of the overwhelming numbers of dogs there that so desperately need a place to call home! And to think, that was just a mere fraction of the dogs from each rescue group! It is so unfair that dogs like me and all of my bloggy furiends have such wonderful caring homes, and so many never get that chance! With that being said, it is truly wonderful that Maggie now has that chance, that so many dogs will never have.
On that note.....time for more kleenex for Mommy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

A Sad but Happy Day

Hello furiends. I am very sad this morning. Mommy told me the news....that Maggie is getting adopted tomorrow! I am really sad that she is leaving because we love each other so much.....but Mommy said that it's a good thing that she is going to such a good home in south Florida! The house she is going to has a 2.5 year old male puggle for her to play with. I am not gonna lie.....I am really jealous! I don't like to share my girlfriends! But Mommy said, that the puggle may not like Maggie and not welcome her kindly into their home, and if that happens, Maggie will be back!

What do you mean I am leaving lady?? I love it here!

Bruschi's Mom Christen here......tomorrow we will be driving Maggie to meet her new adoptive parents and say our good-byes. She is a sweet little girl and is going to be a wonderful addition to their family! She will be missed terribly.....and I am crying as I type this. If the timing worked out better, we would be adopting her. I am really happy that we were able to give her a safe and happy home until her forever family came along! It's very rewarding but very hard to say Good-Bye!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Pet Cozy?

Any one ever try this blanket?

Pet Cozy

Mommy saw it on a commercial this morning, and it caught her eye because there was a puggle on it!
We had to throw out my brown blanket.....yes, the one I JUST got! It was shedding pills of brown stuff all over the house and my puggle hair just stuck to it and wouldn't come off! So now we need a new blanket for the brown couch and were hoping someone could give us some feedback on this one.
Do the enzymes really work or is it yet another gimmick?!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

World's Biggest Duck!

Check out my new stuffie! This is one big duck! Daddy bought him for me, for being such a tolerant puggle of little Maggie! This duck squeaks, and quacks and even grunts! BOL

As soon as Daddy gave it to me, I carried him right to my bed!

What's that you say Mr. Duck? You would prefer that I don't chew on your beak? AND you want me to stop biting your belly? Boy you sure are one bossy duck!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Playtime with Puggles!

Just a closeup of Miss Maggie to show off her cuteness! No wonder I get along so well with her, she's adorable! BOL

Daddy had a special heart tag made for her with her name on it. She didn't have any tags, and I have three!!

Just a few action shots from this morning! From sunrise to sundown....we just love to play and play and play!

Have no fear.....these fangs are for love bites only!

Another shot of Mags....I think she's starting to know how cute she is!
She likes to lay by the bath mat and wait for Mommy to get out of the shower!

Happy Friday to all my furiends!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Who wants a treat?

We Do! We Do! Down here lady!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

You are NOT going to believe this!

Ok so get this.....(and yes, before I go any further, this is the ottoman that incident #2 occured on, which is now in the garbage)
Ok so Mommy has been worried that perhaps my tinkling on stuff isn't behavioral and perhaps it could be due to a bladder infection of some sort. Seeing Maggie and I get along so good, she found it hard to believe I was being territorial. So she made me pee in some tupperware(BOL hope she isn't planning on using it again), and brought my pee pee to the vet to run some tests.
The Good News is that I do NOT have any infection!
is that Mommy isn't sure it was me peeing on the stuff after all! Yesterday she caught Maggie taking a leak on our living room rug!!! All along she thought Maggie was housebroken and now she is convinced that Maggie had to have been the one peeing!! Because I was never "caught in the act".....It is a case of me being in the wrong place at the wrong time!! Both times the pee puddles were discovered, I was the one in the room, so she blamed me!
Can you believe it! I was framed!!!
So, now that we know the culprit, we are going to have to keep a better eye on Miss Maggie!! Can you believe that I had to take the blame for her bad behavior ? Mommy says she always found it hard to believe that sweet little old me could ever do such a thing........Mommy should have stuck with her gut instincts and trusted me! I don't pee on stuff! BOL

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Bones, and Bully Sticks, and Puggles Oh My!

Puggles doing what Puggles do best!

Maggie loves her bully stick. (I had to hide mine so she wouldn't find it!)

And GIANT rawhide bones bigger than she is........BOL

I'll show you how its done Mags, you gotta hold it like this........

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Mommy spoke toosoon!

Well, so much for the good news from the last post! Today while Mommy was at work and Daddy was home with me and Maggie.....I decided to hop up on the ottoman in the sitting room and pee all over it! Daddy was not pleased. We had just come back from a walk too......and I just wanted to let Maggie know that it was MY ottoman, that's all. Sigh........I guess that I really don't like having Maggie around as much as I thought. She makes me pee on stuff to protect it and I know that peeing in the house is a no no! Mommy says we have to find a new foster home for Maggie very soon. :(

The New Face of Petco??

Look what Daddy found yesterday at Petco!

A puggle on some of the Petco brand products! How cool huh?
Although, I wonder why they didn't call me for the model shoot?

Oh and for those who are interested, me and Maggie seem to be getting along good now! I haven't peed on anything since my "accident" and we even both snuggled up on Mommy's legs last night on the couch and fell asleep! She gives me licks on my nose all day long. We still have our moments, like when she tries to steal my bones, but for the most part, our house is stress free!

Monday, April 5, 2010

He did it Again!

I can not even believe it! The Easter Bunny skipped my house again this year! I don't get it! I am so depressed, this is how I spent my Easter!
If you remember, last year he came a day late......and I informed him that he better not do it again this year, as puggles are not patient!
Clearly he did not listen would think with those giant ears he has, he would have heard me loud and clear!
Sigh....I guess I'll just sulk in the sunshine and make the humans feel sorry for me all day!
I hope all of my furiends had a great Easter and that Mr. EB didn't skip your houses too!

Friday, April 2, 2010

I'm SO Embarassed!

Hi Furiends. I am so embarassed about what I am about to tell you but Mommy says we must blog about it and see if anyone has any thoughts on why it happened. it goes.........

Last night, Mommy put Maggie in her crate in the other room when it was bed time, and then she put me up on the big bed (where I always sleep), and while she went to brush her teeth, I peed all over the bed! I don't know why I did it, I really don't! But I peed A LOT and then I jumped off the bed just as Mommy saw what I did! She was not happy, because she was really tired and now she had to spend hours up washing everything! She didn't yell at me because she knew something must be wrong. I haven't peed in the house since April of 2oo7!!! Mommy wonders if this is my way of letting her know I don't like a second doggy living with us? Or maybe an attention getter? But what she can't figure out is why I would pee on my own bed (the big human bed) ? Can anyone help us figure this out? I feel terrible about it. I sulked all night in utter shame! And Mommy is really worried about me!