Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Thunderstorm Anxiety?

Bruschi's mom here: I wanted to know if any of the dogs out there suffer from thunderstorm anxiety? This morning we had a terrible storm roll through Central Florida around 4am and for the first time Bruschi displayed signs of thunderstorm anxiety, and it was so scary! As a puppy, storms never really phased him. But the past few weeks, if a storm would hit, he would whimper, whine, pace around the house and bark back at the thunder claps. nothing too major. Well this morning he was trembling so bad, the entire bed was shaking. He was panting harder and faster than I've ever seen him pant, and as a result was excessively drooling. This went on for 45 straight minutes. We could not get him to stop shaking or panting. I tried to distract him, give him water, hide him under the covers, but he would not budge. As a puggle mom, lol, it was so hard for me to sit there and feel so helpless and not know how to help him! Once the storm came and went, he calmed down for about a half an hour, until the next storm hit, and it was the same response all over again! Does any other pups out there experience this? If so, what do you find works? I have read a few articles this morning online that mention anti-anxiety drugs, an anxiety wrap, relaxation techniques, distraction, etc.
Any input would be greatly appreciated! I don't want Bruschi to suffer like that again. Here in Florida, we are now in hurricane season, and have thunderstorms every afternoon! This could be very taxing on his health, especially since I am not home with him during the day!

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Dads with Doggy's day!

Happy Father's Day to all of you dad's out there! My dad is just a puggle daddy but I think that is the best kind of daddy! So in honor of his special day, I got him some very special presents!
This pillow is of course for his new man room! Who wouldn't want a pillow of Bruschi in there right? BOL

And here is a close up of the pillow and a travel coffee mug with of course, my face on it! And where did I get my daddy such pawesome gifts you ask? Well from Mr. Puggle of course! He has an online store where you can buy puggle merchandise! I simply sent him a few of my handsome portraits and he worked his magic! I can't wait to order more stuff! Thanks Mr. Puggle!
Wishing all of you daddy's out there a pawesome father's day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Weekend visitors

This past weekend, Mommy's friend from Japan was in town to visit ME!! I can't believe they came just to see ME! This is me posing with Fumiko, and her husband Koya! They loved me! Of course, what's not to love.....

I was so excited to have visitors......almost too excited! BOL! Sorry for the indecent exposure here! I couldn't help it!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Man Room Update

WOW look at this fabulous new bed I have! It is HUGE! It takes up half of the living room! I must have been a good boy to deserve this! Mommy keeps saying something about, "it's the futon mattress from the man room", but whatever.......I am loving this!

Do you see Mr. Firebear anywhere in this mess? I sure don't. I am really getting worried. This is all the junk from the man room, shoved into the guest bedroom and boy what a mess these humans are making! I don't know how I will ever find Mr. Firebear in there......sigh......

The hell with Mr. Firebear, I just got a giant jar of Peanut Butter! Look how long my tongue is! BOL! I almost can reach the bottom. A giant jar of peanut butter, and my new giant bed! Life is good!

Here is Daddy.....putting together a bamboo puzzle on the floor. Geez, when will they ever be done with this silly project!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Time for a Throwback

Last night Mommy was going through my old puppy pictures and came across a few she thought she'd share. This first one, above, was the picture that stole Daddy's heart! It was one of my breeder poses....he saw my one white paw and said that puggle is the one for us!

I used to get into such silly predicaments.....look at me with this Mickey Mouse slipper stuck on my head! BOL! I tried to tell Mommy that the giant evil Tigger put it on me, but she wasn't buying it!!

Here I am with a smooshy face.....I used to fall asleep in the most unusual places. But I sure do look comfy here don't I?

And this is where the humiliation began. My very first fleece coat. Mommy says I was such an adorable puppy! My head hadn't quite grown into my ears yet!

Well, happy Friday everypup! Mommy and Daddy will be continuing on with their "man room" project this weekend so I will be banned from the computer yet again! Still on the hunt for Mr. Firebear! I will let you all know once I find him!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Project Not Fit for a Puggle!

Hi Everypup! Sorry I have been missing from the Blog World. Mommy and Daddy have been very busy re-doing the "Man Room", and that is the room with the computer in it. While Mommy and Daddy are doing whatever it is that they do to "remodel", I have been making myself quite comfy and cozy amongst the pillows on the big bed! A few times I have peaked my nose in to see what they were up to, but the smell of paint fumes sent me running off quite quickly! And worst of all, my dear friend Mr. Firebear is missing!! He normally hangs out in the Man Room, but he, like everything else in that room is gone! I sure hope he turns up soon! I am getting very concerned!