Friday, June 29, 2012

Help Save Lou!

Lou is a 5 year old male puggle whom Mommy met through the Puggle page on Facebook.  He has a cancerous tumor that has wrapped around his rectum causing him to have bloody poops.  Upon further vet and specialist examinations, they determined that the tumor is wrapped around his intestines, and without life saving surgery, Lou will not make it. And as you can imagine, the surgery is quite expensive.
You can read more about Lou in the post above.

As a puggle family, and huge dog advocate, we felt it appropriate to send some money their way so they can try afford this life saving surgery.  Even though we don't have much money ourselves, we know that being part of a Dogs with Blog Community is a comforting place to be when a friend, or even a stranger, is in need, so I thought I would share his information here if you'd like to help.  Even a few dollars makes a difference.  Lou is only 5 years old (just like me!) and Mommy couldn't imagine going through this and would hope that if she was in need, people would help her.  So she is paying it forward now because you just never know what lies ahead!

If you yourself can't donate, please pass the word along through the community. I know Lou and his family would be greatly appreciative of the efforts!

Happy Friday everyone!  Positive thoughts for Lou!!!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


 Look who showed up and surprised Mommy!  It's Jack and Oliver's Mommy Kourtney!
She came for Ebby's Gotcha Day celebration!!! 
We just love her to pieces!
 She brought us these deeeeelicious peanut butter filled bones that I couldn't get enough of!
And look, eating and laying down are two of my FAVORITE things and with this, I can do both at the same time! SCORE!
 There was also a surprise waiting at the front door!  It was from Preston the Puggle, his little brother Nolan and his Mommy Susan!!  They are so thoughtful to think of Ebby on her special day!
 Ebby was showing us what she got out of the box! It's a squeaky platypus with removable squeaky eggs!!! There was also a bag of treats in there, but I ran off with that before Mommy could get a picture! BOL!

 Daddy had a Gotcha Day cake made for the humans, and 2 PupCakes for me and Ebby!
 How pretty does my sister look in her pawty hat!!
Happy Gotcha Day Ebby!
 Mommy and Kourtney made us take a bunch of pictures with the cakes.......I was smiling so big as you can clearly see in the picture. Ebby still patiently waiting for her pawty to begin!
 We are FINALLY eating our pupcakes in our bowls.  Nom Nom Nom, and they were deeelicious!
Ebby also got a "BLT" stuffy from Mommy and Daddy.

Ebby here:   Thank you to my wonderful family and my new bestest friend Kourtney for coming to my Gotcha Day Pawty and making me feel so special!
Thank you to Preston and his family for sending me such pawesome presents!
I am one lucky girl to have been adopted by this amazing family! 
I look forward to many more Gotcha Day celebrations!!!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

It's almost Ebby's Gotcha Day!

Ebby's 2nd Gotcha day is Saturday, June 9th!
It's hard to believe I have had a sister for 2 years now already!  
Last night I wanted to test out her new pawty hat.  I think Pink is definitely my color, don't you? 

Let's take a look back at Ebby over the past 2 years.......
This was the very first day, June 9, 2010, that Mommy picked her up from rescue .  She was supposed to be our 3rd foster, but after a short time, Mommy knew she was going to become a permanent fixture in our family.  She was so shy and timid, and after living on the streets, I can understand why.
This was me meeting her for the first time.  I had already had my rounds with Tyson and that didn't work out, and I was missing my foster sister Maggie oh so much.  I had never met a dog like Ebby before, and she looked scary! BOL!
But in no time at all, we became the best of furiends!  We loved emptying the toy box together......we are a good team....she kills the squeaker and then I pull out all the stuffing!
I even showed her all the comfy spots in the house.  She had never been allowed on furniture before we think because it took her a long time to come onto couches and soft surfaces.  But she learned from the best and now we can't get her off the couch, bed, pillows, blankets, you name it BOL!
She even had to learn that we dress up in outfits.  While I thoroughly enjoy dressing up, this was all new to Ebby.  She sure does look cute though! This was also the year she busted into the halloween candy and ate over 2 lbs of candy! BOL BOL BOL!
And here is a picture from Ebby's First Gotcha Day last June 9th.  She was so pooped after her cookie pawty, that she wanted to nap on, guess.....a pillow (with my face on it of course!) BOL

Ebby, thank you for coming into our family.  
You have made this family complete and we can't imagine not having you here.
You keep me company when the humans go to work, and you have taught me how to be a dog.  I never knew how to pee on trees or poles before!  So we both learned things from each other.  We were meant to be!!
We can't wait to celebrate your special day on Saturday!
(And I can't wait for the PupCakes!)

Love you Ebby Girl!!!