Sunday, December 25, 2011

Santa Paws Came!

Merry Christmas Everyone! As you know, Daddy is a firefighter so he had to work today on Christmas so Santa Paws made an early delivery to our house so we could open gifts on Christmas Eve!

ummm....we are it time yet?

2 years ago on Christmas Eve, Mommy's Gram passed away, so Mommy makes her Gram's famous Ricotta Pie in her memory. It sure looks delicious!

Family picture time before the madness!
Ebby and I didn't know where to start first so we just tore open anything and everything!

I hope these ones are for us!

Ebby's showing off her new monkey!

I was more interested in the edibles....sniff sniff, someone crack this open! I think the jar is puggle proof!!

Ok so I have to say that I think we made out pretty good this year......this picture doesn't even include all the food items we got. Mommy says that all of her furiends and family members spoil us!
But we don't live very long lives, so Mommy says it's important that every day we know how much we are loved.
My Christmas wish this year is that every dog out there that needs a home finds one. This is Ebby's 2nd Christmas with us and I think she won the doggy lottery by us adopting her! I wish that every doggy out there wins the doggy lottery too!
We are also going to make a donation to a local animal shelter for all the dogs who don't have homes, or warm blankets, or toys, or treats this holiday season. It is the LEAST we could do.

Merry Christmas everyone!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My First Christmas Package!

Oh boy, our very first Christmas package arrived today for me and Ebby, from Mommy's friend Nicole who lives in Massachusetts!

As you can see, we couldn't get our noses into the box fast enough!!

Thanks Nicole! This sure looks like a present full of fun!!!

A gingerbread stuffy, a christmas bandana, and 4 different holiday cookies!! The ones shaped like trees are for breath freshening! BOL!

Ok let us at it!!! I am wearing the bandana like a cape!!

Sniff Sniff, now which cookies should we try first?!?

Ok my bib is on......Treats please!! Give Ebby one of those breath trees....I'll take a chocolate covered candy cane bone! BOL!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thanksgiving, Motorcycles and Presents!

Why hello there! It's just me, Bruschi, checking in to see if you all had a Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving morning, while Mommy was cooking, I was playing pig pile on Daddy! It's our favorite game! Ebby is in the background sitting in her bed (if you can see her that is)

Yep, another Vegetarian Thanksgiving feast! While all of you pups were enjoying turkey.....Ebs and I got the fake stuff! Mommy made the usual Tofurky roast and tried another brand this year. She said Tofurky wins hands down!

Here we all are after dinner. Mommy is doing dishes and getting the dessert ready, so I stole her seat! BOL! Ebby is sitting with Daddy and that's my Uncle Mark and Auntie Darcy!

The next day, Mommy and Daddy got a free 2 day Harley rental! We got to check the bike out....pretty sweet! We just don't like when it moves or makes noises!

And what have we here.....sniff sniff.....Ebby and I couldn't get our noses out of the bags fast enough! SOMEONE has been shopping! That can only mean one thing......Christmas is coming! which means......SANTA PAWS is coming!!!!!!!!!

So we sit and wait......anxious and ready!
We have been VERY GOOD pups this year Santa Paws!!! Don't forget us!!!!
I hope he finds us this year seeing we moved.......oh brother.....