Sunday, July 10, 2011

A Lighted Surprise!

Yesterday when Mommy got the mail from the mailbox, there was a package for me and Ebby!
It isn't our birthdays, or gotcha days, or Christmas......what could it possibly be we thought!

To our surprise it was a totally pawesome gift from Coco the Puggle!
She sent us light up collars!

Flashy collars! Because me and Ebby are so flashy! BOL!
And the flashers come in 3 settings....still, fast and faster!

I got the black collar with the red lights.....styling and profiling!

Spooky!! I can't wait to try this thing out at night outside!!

Ebby got the red collar with the blue lights! So pretty!

I think she likes it......look at her tail!

Thank you CoCo Puff!! Now we'll be safe while walking outside at night!
We have such great furiends to think of us!

Oh and PEE-S- Mommy says thank you for the lip gloss to CoCo's mom! For some reason, she wouldn't let us wear it!

Monday, July 4, 2011

4th of July Fun

Happy 4th of July weekend and Happy Birthday America!
Ebby and I pose so proudly by our flag!

Yesterday we got to run around our neighbors fenced in yard! We had a ball! They are away on vacation and Mommy is taking care of their cat so they told us to use their yard and boy was it fun!

I ran and ran and ran and ran while Ebby scoped out the perimeter.
Mommy says I am the fastest puggle she's ever seen! BOL!

She was trying to get Ebby to run but Ebby just isn't a runner like me and Mommy!

Hanging with Dad is the best part after an afternoon of running our tails off!

Hope you all have a safe and Happy holiday!
I'll be drugged up on my sedatives because firework booms give me anxiety attacks AND the diarrhea bum! Last night was a rough night for me and tonight is going to be worse!
I wish I was brave and care free like Ebby!