Saturday, August 30, 2008


Oh boy, it's the weekend, and that means.....BATH TIME! My mommy and I love this shampoo....called "Oh My Dog!". She has to order it online because it's from France.....but it sure does smell GREAT!

How of myself in the shower. We have a nice big shower so I have lots of room to run around and try to escape mommy's scrubbing hands! BOL!
Nice close-up of me.......looking rather annoyed as I usually do while in the bath.

And after all that scrubbing I've worked up quite an appetite! Time for my breakfast!


Anonymous said...

Having a bath gives me the nibbles too. I bet you smell really good Bruschi! XOXO Peanut

Puggle Preston said...

Hi Bruschi,
Shampoo from France... I bet it smells really good.
I am in hate/love relationship with my bath time. I hate getting wet but love the cookies I get afterwards.
My shampoo is called "HOTDog". It smells good too.


CoCo said...

Wow, something from France...that's cool. I wonder if it is as cool as French Fries? I don't like baths've probably seen some of my embarrasing bath pictures.