Monday, March 2, 2009

I love Florida winters!

Well, while much of the eastern part of the country is in a snowstorm, down here in sunny Florida, we had great weekend weather! Saturday was the first day that Mommy and me started our tanning. Well, mommy tans, while I enjoy the yard.
I love sunshine and rolling around in the grass!
And please pay no attention to my snaggletooth that is sticking out.....I have no idea where that came from and mommy is very freaked out by this picture! BOL!


lola said...

you lucky lucky puggle. Don't get me wrong I enjoy some snow every once and a while but the cold weather makes it hard for me to get my mommy to take me out for more than a few minutes at a time.
I think your snaggle tooth is cute!

lots of licks,

CoCo said...

No snow here in Texas either. Although I hate the Summers here. It gets tooo hot for us Pug Mixes! I bet Florida has better temperature year round!


Anonymous said...

hi Bruschi,

Yeah another puggle blog! I am glad you are enjoying your warm winter. my mommy moved north to marry my daddy and she hates winters! we had our first nor'easter this past weekend...I kinda like it though :)

puggle power!

Anonymous said...

Oh Bruschi Hunny! You look so wonderful out sunning yourself! I hope all my black fur hides my pale skin. I blame it on fair skin and red head Mommy that I just can't get a tan no matter how hard I try! BOL
Keep up the good yard watching!

PEE S- Stop eating the grass and puking!

pestkaj said...

Right now I am SO jealous. I love the snowe but when it melts- ick. I hate evil puddles and the park is a mess. Can I come spend a month with you? bol

Davey the puggle

Faere said...

Bruschi you are so lucky to live in Florida! Ma and Pa tell me it is lovely there, but i wouldn't know 'cause they always leave us at camp when they goes there.
Sniffs and Licks

Chase said...

Bruschi, it looks like you are really enjoying the warmer weather! :-) Send some to New Jersey.

Sniffs and licks,


Anonymous said...

Happy be-lated St. Patty's day my little puggle!! Hope you got some green treats... NOT Green Beans for your sake! (If you do get some, send em to me! I love em!)

Your Kylie Girl

PS: I think I need to have a word with your Mom, if we are going to make this long distance thing work, she needs to step up her posting! BOL

Julie said...

Lucky, indeed. Florida is much, much better than Illinois in the winter.