Thursday, April 2, 2009

Another Tag!

I was tagged, this time by CoCo to tell you all FIVE Random Things about myself!

1- Even though I have lost my manhood a long time ago, I still hump my mommy's monkey feet slippers! (notice how one is missing from mommy's foot....that means I'm off with it somewhere!)

2- I have one white paw, that makes me look like I always have a cast on!
3- I have many silly nicknames; noodle monkey, snuggle muffin.....ok now I'm just embarassing myself.
4- My favorite human relative is my Pepere Gary (Pep Gary I call him). He lives in MA, but when he comes to visit he lets me eat cheetos and drink beer! BOL!

This is Pep Gary, down on the lake with me!

5- I am a vegetarian! Mommy is, so she figures I might as well be too! (although she lets me cheat and eat meaty treats and stuff)

Ok so now I tag Miss Kylie, Eduardo, Chase, Peanut and Mr. Puggle!


CoCo said...

Vegetarian...that is not fun! Although some veggies are quite tasty! Great Randoms...


I'm Mommy's Little Pooh ... Lainey said...

I LOVE the monkey feet and the nick names MINE are pooh and Pooper IMAGINE being around people when Mommy say THAT one :0( anyways i was going to tell you have Mastered the Nudge.....THATS how mommy gets 1/4 I GET 3/4 (now i am laughing in my most EVILE laugh bah haha HooOOwl)

Have A Pugglelisous day :0)