Friday, June 5, 2009

Time for a Throwback

Last night Mommy was going through my old puppy pictures and came across a few she thought she'd share. This first one, above, was the picture that stole Daddy's heart! It was one of my breeder poses....he saw my one white paw and said that puggle is the one for us!

I used to get into such silly predicaments.....look at me with this Mickey Mouse slipper stuck on my head! BOL! I tried to tell Mommy that the giant evil Tigger put it on me, but she wasn't buying it!!

Here I am with a smooshy face.....I used to fall asleep in the most unusual places. But I sure do look comfy here don't I?

And this is where the humiliation began. My very first fleece coat. Mommy says I was such an adorable puppy! My head hadn't quite grown into my ears yet!

Well, happy Friday everypup! Mommy and Daddy will be continuing on with their "man room" project this weekend so I will be banned from the computer yet again! Still on the hunt for Mr. Firebear! I will let you all know once I find him!


Mr. Puggle® said...

hahahah good post.

Brind'Amour Clumbers said...

Hey Bruschi, I love the piccy with your head stuck inside the slipper. It reminds me of someone I know!!! You're a cute little pup!!!


lola said...

awwwww I just love puggle puppy pictures!!! me and mommy could look at them all day long. super cute!!


Anonymous said...

happy friday to you too smooshy face

Rufus and Indie said...

Hi Bruschi! Those are cute puppy photos!
Rufus and Indie

Diego Dog said...

Bruschi buddy....

You look so funny with your head in that slipper. Mom laughed really hard and said it look like something I would do!

Diego Dog

Bijou said...

Hi Bruschi,

You sure were a cute little guy. What happened? BOL Just kiddin' ya. You are a very handsome fella now all growed up.

My hooman is busy with a "project" too, so I didn't get to post on my blog today. Boo Hoo

Wags & wiggles,

Checkers & Chess said...

those were adorable

I'm Mommy's Little Pooh ... Lainey said...

Hi Bruschi!!! I JUST noticed your little white paw...its UNIQUE JUST like YOU! i just wanted to say that we are SOOOO MUCH alike...with the paw..mommy calls it my scoop. I scoop to get the blankets on me, i scoop to turn mommy if she isnt facing me right, i scoop plates-cups-silverware-bowls, (daddy says i pearl harbor food...he says i feel i am gonna get in trouble might as well make it worth it AND my eyes bug out WAY FAR while doing this pearl harbor thing) I scoop my toys, i scoop my leash (and than carry it...i like to help when i can hehe)...i scoop mommys legs if i cant get by her to sleep....but Mommy says she wouldnt have it ANY OTHER WAY!!

Have a relaxing time and good luck with the MAN room hehe

Lainey & her Mommy

Riley, Titan,Boo and Sandy said...

OMD you are just the cutest!!!! love the silly predicaments you get into

CoCo said...

Bruschi, you are such a cute puppy!

I had the same problem of my head being swallowed by my ears. I really love your sleeping pic. My Mama said that I never really slept when I was a young pup. That is why she misses my puppy days so much!


Puggle Preston said...

aww...Bruschi, we LOVE your puppy pictures. Your white paw is very special! Mommy wanted a puggle with white paws. I was soo worried when I heard that. I won her heart with my charm so she ended up going home with the only puggle in the litter that did not have white paws. whew... It is wonderful to look at our puppy pictures sometimes. Thanks for sharing!