Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When will summer end?!

Hello furiends!
Well, it is mid-September and still blazing hot out here.
Ebby and I are out for our morning walkies, and it is just miserable!

Bruschi: "Hey Ebby....can you believe this heat? I thought summer was supposed to be over by now!"
Ebby: "I know Bruschi....think how I feel! I have black fur!"

Ebby: "Holy crap it's hot!"
Bruschi: "Stop holding up traffic Ebby, let's get this show on the road. Keep walking! The faster we get home, the faster we'll be in the air-conditioning!"

"Hey Ebby, come check out these beeeaaauuuutiful flowers!"

Ebby: "Sniff Sniff......Bruschi, you are a boy dog! What are you doing sniffing hot pink flowers anyways?!"

Bruschi here: for those of you who remember, (Click here) I have an obsession with flowers. Mommy says I am not a manly puggle at all! BOL!


Remington said...

Sorry it's still hot where you are at. We have a nice 48 degrees here. Just right! Try and keep cool, my friends.

Anonymous said...

Bruschi - dude, it could always be worse... I can't walk at all with my bum knee. Hope your weather cools off for you SOON.

Anonymous said...

Me again... just read your comment on my blog. Smaller dogs have a pretty good chance of recovery without surgery, but it takes a very long time (with or without surgery.) I'm hoping to avoid the knife, but my long walks are over maybe even forever. {{{sob}}}

Seriously, this sucks.

Anonymous said...

No, they didn't say a thing. The other dog just want to play (I think.) The cruciate ligament in my knee ruptured when he ran into me. Very common injury in dogs (and humans.) I'm taking something for inflammation and pain. Hopefully, I'll be able to walk on it soon... it's humiliating to have to be carried outside and parked by a bush to pee:(

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bruschi:)

CoCo said...

It is terribly hot here in TEXAS too! I thought September was suppose to be a Fall month! I'm with you Ebby, the black fur coat is brutal in this Summer heat.

Bruschi, its okay to smell things that are pretty. Especially flowers, just don't eat them or get too close...there are bees!


Corbin said...

Hope the weather cools down for you soon!

Oliver Tate said...

there is nothing wrong with liking pink flowers b! its mommys favorite color! jack and i are too busy sniffing when we walk. we dont have the florida heat. its been cooling off in jersey

oliver and jack

K9 Katastrophie said...

I hope the heat leaves soon!


Maggie Mae and Max said...

Sunny and in da low 70's here Bruschi but I bets youz don't want to hear dat. I sure hopes it cools off fur you my furiend.

WOofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Maddy and Owen said...

BOL! My foster brother Owen loves flowers too! It's cooled off over here so we are sleeping with the windows open and playing outside all day :) Hope it cools off for you soon!

Ariel said...

Hey Bruschi tell everyone you are just taking time to smell the flowers. I can not anymore cuz they makes me SNEEZE! Well Ebby and you both need one of them hankies that you freeze and drape around your necks. Try and stay cool. It is upper 80's during the day and 50's at night her in Chicago IL USA. Have a Great rest of the week.
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

Puggle Preston said...

I asked mommy that same question this morning!!
It is still hot here too!
oh we know you like to sniff the flowers! I do too..sniff first then pee on them! mommy always yells at me though.