Saturday, November 13, 2010

Pugs Pugs Everywhere!

We made it! We went to the 8th Annual Pugsgiving today!
It was PACKED with people and pugs!

There were 2 rooms filled with different vendors, handing out yummy treats and selling all sorts of toys and pug related stuff!

For a minute, I thought I saw Maggie Mae there! BOL!

This sign shows just some of the pugs in the rescue group that need furever homes. They have already taken in over 300 pugs this year alone!

Hey Elvis, stop sniffing my butt!

These are just some of the pugs that need furever homes...

And bunches more!

Ebby got to walk across the stage in the "Parade of Rescues"

And they had a pug costume contest which was pretty funny to watch. For once, Ebby and I didn't have to dress up! I thoroughly enjoyed watching the other doggys in their silly attire!

We are pooped!! We had a very fun filled day of pug kisses and lots of treats!
Can't wait until next year's Pugsgiving!
Oh and Mommy and Daddy said we were SO behaved they couldn't believe it. Maybe that means we'll get to go to more cool places like this!


Two French Bulldogs said...

What a great event. Don't you just want to bring every buddy home?
Benny & Lily

Riley, Titan,Boo and Sandy said...

So happy you will be getting out more as a reward for your pugtacular behavior....oh love the did it to her blog last week, we pups got to stay protected.

Bella and Ollie said...

That was a fun event, I hope those pugs find a home really soon.
Love from Bella and Ollie

Oliver Tate said...

wow that looks like tons of fun! all those pugs that need good homes. ebby sure is lucky your mommy and daddy kept her for you B!

oliver and jack

PS we would have let you borrow our turkey and pilgrim costumes!

Doxie Rod said...

that looks like so much fun!! i bet you guys slept really well once you got home. love all those pugs in one place!

Puggle Preston said...

oh..there are so many pugs needing a home. I hope they all get adopted soon.
Elvis is hilarious. Before we read your caption, mommy saw the picture and thought "that looks like Elvis outfit" haha! Whoever made the costume did a great job!
glad to know you guys are having fun and supporting such a wonderful event.

Maggie Mae and Max said...

Wow Bruschi, dat boxer pup does look like me, maybe her is one of my cuzins! My paws are crossed fur all dose cute puggies to find dere furever homes real soon. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Maddy and Owen said...

What fun at such a great event! How nice that Ebby got to be in the parade :) I hope that those pugs are able to find loving homes like yours!
Maddy and Owen

Oakley and Swisher said...

Whoa what an event! You guys' must've had an awesome time. So many pugs! Congratulations on being well behaved so you guys' can enjoy many more fun events. Its funny how the humans don't really have much faith in us when it comes to things huh? But its good for us because they set the bar rather low. BOL

We loved the Elvis pug pic. Luckily you two got out of wearing costume bol, but we must say Ebby you really do rock the red harness! We love it on you!

Lots of Licks
Oak and Swish

Maddy & Cormac said...

This is fantastic! I'll never understand how so many pugs turn up homeless. :-( What amazing little dogs, we hope they find good homes soon.

-Maddy & Cormac

Arran, Arthur and Mum said...

Well done on being so good! So sad that there so many pugs without homes.
~lickies, Ludo