Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mommy's Little Helpers

I am apologizing in advance on the shabby camera work by Mommy. Daddy took her good camera to work so all she was left with was her crappy cell phone camera. But she insisted on taking pictures of the madness last night.

Here is Ebby, helping Mommy sort out all of the Christmas presents that need to be wrapped. (If you can see her that is) She was very well behaved....sat quietly and watched every move Mommy made. Mommy kept saying what a GOOD GIRL she was.

I on the other hand, am NOT so good when it comes to helping! I made it my mission to tear through every bag on the floor and run off with anything and everything I could get my paws on! I even helped Mommy Unwrap presents after she wrapped them! BOL! Mommy kept saying "YOU ARE A PAIN BRUSCHI!"

Good thing I am cute!


Noodles said...

Haha Bruschi! My mommy keeps telling me I am lucky I am cute, too. I am just a little spirited, I guess. Makes me more interesting ;-)
Love Noodles

SASS....Sammy Andy Shelly Sierra said...

MOL!!!!!!!!!!!! Brushi, you are a great Quality Control Inspector....we know it was that they didn't meet your wrapping standards, so you unwrapped them!!!!

Two French Bulldogs said...

Oh dear you better stick to snoopervising
Benny & Lily

3 doxies said...

Does you have any idea how many times I hears dat I is lucky I am cute too? About a gazillion times a day!
Now back to you...I so wished your mom had gotten piktures of you in da bags...hehehehe!


Maddy and Owen said...

BOL! We would be the same kind of help you were Bruschi ;) Thanks for the birthday wishes :)
Maddy and Owen

Anonymous said...

hehehehe This is the most wonderful time of year!! Did she forget last year when you took off with the wrapping paper still on the roll!?! Just keep telling her Practice makes PERFECT!!

Miss you buddy!

Oliver Tate said...

mommy doesnt understand that you were just trying to help her. she must not have done a good job wrapping those presents that you unwrapped for her. i'm sure ebby will help you out next christmas

oliver and jack

Puggle Preston said...

haha..That was our house last night!
I think every present we are sending out has my slobber on it.