Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ebby's Annual Vet Exam

Hello furiends! It's me, Ebby blogging today!

The humans have loaded us into the "Pugglemobile" and we are going somewhere, but they haven't told us where yet....hmmmm.....
These roads sure do look familiar Bruschi, don't they?

Oh look! We have arrived to our destination! It's our Vet's Office!!!

Sitting with Daddy.....waiting for the vet to come in. Bruschi's hoping he'll get cookies just for being there BOL
I am so pretty and so smiley and happy to be here! I don't mind getting stuck with needles and stuff.....I just don't like when they take my temperature because, well, you know where THAT goes!

Bruschi even jumped up on the table to weigh in! 30.4 lbs! Good Job Bruschi! He's maintained that weight now for 2 years! For those of you who have been reading his blog for a long time know that he used to be a fatty! 37lbs!!! YIKES!
But not me.....I weighed in today at 31.2 lbs......when the humans rescued me I was only 26lbs. Life on the streets was tough. Now I am a healthy weight!

On the way home! Bruschi is tuckered out just being his usual self, and I am just roaring with excitement that I got a clean bill of health!
When I heard Mommy tell Daddy how much the visit cost, plus the Heartguard and the Advantix, my mouth fell open! I think Daddy's did too! BOL!


Oliver Tate said...

What a good girl you are ebby! Bruschi was just being a show off that he weighs less than you. You look great to us! Mommy also just took us to the vet recently and had the same reaction to our bill too!

Oliver and jack

Two French Bulldogs said...

Bet those peeps tricked you saying you were going for a car ride and look where you wind up! Clean bill of health is worth screaming about
Benny & Lily

Riley, Titan,Boo and Sandy said...

OH i sure do know where dat fermometer goes...I no like it eiffer. I hope Ebby got a special treat for being so well behaved..and Bruschi, you gotz to have one to cuz being moral support is tuff business sumtimes.

Puggle Preston said...

Hello Ebby!
Glad you to see you are doing so well! you are such a good girl.
My daddy had the same expression as yours when mommy told him about my vet bill. Yikes, huh? Our parents love us a lot, don't they!
oh..look at Bruschi! He got the cookies when you dealt with the vet? what a good deal for him! haha