Sunday, September 11, 2011

My first package in my new home!

Thank goodness the mail carrier knew that I moved! How else would I get my special packages from my special furiends?!

Today the mail man delivered a box to me and Ebby from Preston and his family!
Preston's mommy even sent Mommy a beautiful candle as a housewarming gift! But she took that out of the box before me and Ebby got ahold of it.

Sniff Sniff...what is in here Ebs???

Oh boy, look at all this stuff!!! And look at the smiles on our faces! We are HAPPY!

Ebby took a particular liking to the bees hive and managed to break ALL the bees squeakers in less than 5 minutes! (She ruins EVERYTHING!)

I ran off with my new sock monkey so Ebby couldn't ruin that too!

Oh and those Treats were DEEELICIOUS! Mommy gave us each THREE of them because we were so behaved! (well, other than Ebby killing the squeakers that is)

Thank you to my pal Preston and to his family for thinking of us!
We really love all of our new stuff!!


Two French Bulldogs said...

Now that is one great package!!
Benny & Lily

Oliver Tate said...

thank goodness the mailman got the package to you guys! it would have been a shame for to let those treats go to waste! those bees ook like so much fun with or without working squeakers!

oliver and jack

Maddy and Owen said...

How great that the mailman knew where you lived! Enjoy your stuff :)
Maddy and Owen

Puggle Preston said...

How is the life at your new place?
Of course the mailman knew where you moved because you have the most thoughtful mom who made sure of that.
glad you both had fun with the package!