Thursday, September 18, 2008

Uh-Oh....A trip to the vet!

I had to go to the vet yesterday afternoon. I guess I was licking my paws too much and I made them turn all red and bloody! Mommy panicked of course because not only were my paws irritated, I was starting to get little hives all over my body. So off to the vet we went! He tested my skin for fleas and ticks, and phew......nothing of the sort. But I do have a skin allergy and right now, they don't know what has caused it. So I have to bathe in antiseptic shampoo.. (no more "Oh my Dog" shampoo from France!! (Mommy is not happy about this). I also have to take Benadryl 3 times a day for a whole month! I am going to be one groggy pup!!! That's ok....I love napping!! BOL! And I also have to start a supplement of Omega-3's with my daily food. I go back in a month and hopefully my itching will have stopped. If not, we will have to start testing to see what I am allergic too. Mommy really hopes its not my food, because she has tried every hypoallergenic food out there, and Dick Van Patten's Natural Balance, Vegetarian Formula, is the only one that doesn't give me diarrhea or make me throw up!! Any other puggles out there have any of these allergy symptoms before?

Oh, and this is a picture of me riding to the vet, in my mommy's car. I have never been allowed in mommy's car before, but today was a special occasion!! I loved it!! She even put a special seat cover in there for me! (or maybe it was more for the car......hmmmm)


Eduardo said...

Oh I hope you get better! I did have a itch problem & it was my food so Mommy got me Nature's Recipe & all the itching went away!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

CoCo said...

Bruschi, you look so cute in your Mama's is probably the same car my Mama has...I'm not allowed in hers either! I'm sorry to hear that you are an itchy pup. I hope all that itchy goes away soon! I've been on Van Patten's food since I was a young pup. I've tried every flavor...its all good for me! Did you ask the vet about a conditioner rinse after the shampoo? Sometimes that alleviates dry skin.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Poor Poor little Bruschi!! I hope you feel better soon. It's no fun being itchy! I have never had a problem with allergies/ichiness. I eat regular food, right now Fromm's Surf and Turf. I like fish. Make sure you get lots of cuddles from your Mom and Dad. That'll make the itchies go away :) XOXO Peanut