Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I can't believe this......

Well, it has been one month since my trip to the vet for my skin "issues", and I just went on Saturday again for a follow-up and for my Annual Exam. I no longer have bloody paws from all the licking and chewing, but I am still a bit itchy everyday and seem to be shedding more than usual. (Which is driving my mom crazy because she's a clean freak!!) Anyways, I am still taking those Omega-3's which are supposed to improve my skin coat and help with allergies and the doc said I should continue to do so. Mommy changed my food from the vegetarian version of Natural Balance, back to the Limited Ingredient Diet, Duck and Sweet Potato. The doctor said I need to stick to it for a full 12 weeks, and ONLY that food......that's right, that means no snacks or kong, or rawhide or anything other than my dry food! He said it is the only way to accurately determine if it is a food allergy or not. He said if we stick to it, and the itching continues, I will have to see a doggy dermatologist for allergy testing! So, I am severely depressed to say the least! But wait it gets worse! So after my skin testing, my shots and general health check, they put me on the scale. I weighed 33 lbs exactly one month ago, which is what I have been for a year or so. Not this time.........I weighed in at 35.5 lbs!!! I gained 2 and a half pounds in one month!!! This must be a mistake! The scale must be broken!! 35.5 pounds!!! Say it ain't so!!! So mommy says that I have to go on a diet, until I get to close to 30 lbs.......so the chance that I could snack in the near future is now over! This is miserable!!!! Look at my face! Can you not see me falling into a deep depression?! I even told my vet about Preston's new friend named Wade, and how he weighs 40 lbs! It didn't help......I am officially on a diet. CoCo, you will have to be my inspiration because I know you have been successful! Sigh.....


Anonymous said...

Poor Bruschi! No cookies or treats in your Kong!!...You have to loose weight?! How ridiculous!! No wonder you look so sad in your photos. Hopefully your food allergy issue will be straightened out soon and your parents can figure out what kind of treats you CAN have! XOXO Peanut

CoCo said...

Hi Bruschi!

I'm sorry to hear of all the CRAZY things you have to go through. I'm happy to hear that you are thinking I'm an inspiration to your hardship, but really....its no inspiration at all; I just lack the vocal skills to voice my opinion and have to endure it because I cannot get to my food or treats myself. Mama said it was more torturing of her to keep the discipline of not giving me what I want...but I said, "ya right?!"

You can still have treats...tell your Mama to go to Wal-Mart and buy you the low-cal, Cheese Pups that I featured in on my Blog. Then tell her to go to Pets Mart and get you one of those Tricky Balls. That is a good way to somehow, someway measle some treats out of those humans. Wait the full recommend time by your vet before doing any of that...we need to first find out why you have such itchies.

I'm still on a Diet. A reduced food, and low treat diet with more walkies. I am now only maintaining weight and have not losed any more. I do feel your pain and wish you all the LUCK in the world. I will be thinking of you!


Eduardo said...

Oh Bruschi! How could this happen? My Mommy feels just awful! I feel just awful! I'm so sorry your still itching and you've gained weight I hope everything gets better!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Puggle Preston said...

Poor Bruschi, you look sooo sad. I would be too. No treats? What about Salmon treats? Tell your mommy it has Omega-3...I tried to tell my mommy that.hmm.....didn't work for me...she still gives me pills... I hope you find out what has been causing your skin problems soon. oh oh..I once got an email from a 52 lb puggle! I was so curious about what he looked like but felt bad about asking for a picture. Be sure you tell your mommy that..52lb! can you believe that?

Anonymous said...

Hey Bruschi!

Thanks for visiting my blog! I feel really bad for you about your food issues! Just dry food? That is going to be horrrrible. I really hope you don't have a food allergy and that you can get back to your treats soon!

Lots of Licks!