Thursday, November 20, 2008

In my nighttime attire...

Well, what do you guys think of my new PJ's?? Mommy got them for me because it gets chilly in the house at night and she doesn't think we need to turn the heat on yet, because we live in Florida. So she thought this would keep me snuggly!

Too bad my butt doesn't stay warm.....BOL!

I sure do love my new PJ's! Look how comfy I look, snuggling with my Stuffie Cake! Some of mommy's friends think she has officially lost it.........BOL!


Eduardo said...

Those are the coolest PJs ever!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle
p.s. whats up with the butt being open? Humans wouldn't like they're butt to be cold! Come least let it have a snap on, snap off back! BOL!

Anonymous said...

I love your pjs Buschi!! They are so cute!!! I hope you stay nice and warm in your new clothes XOXO Peanut

Anonymous said...

Wow, those PJs are super cool, and they even match your bed! Stay warm, Bruschi!


Anonymous said...

You look so funny! I can say that cause I have so much fur that Mom would never put PJ's on me...

I ended up pulling the big blanket out of my bed, I'm an all natural kinda girl... BOL

Very very cute Mr. B, but shouldn't there be a blurry spot of that bottom!? BOL


CoCo said...


You look precious in that nighttime outfit! But for me, that would be my nightmare outfit! I am all about the birthday suit for any and all occasion...even the freezing cold!

You do look super adorable in your PJ's!


Anonymous said...

Your PJ's are awesome buddy! We're in Florida too but it's been unusually chilly lately!

Stay Warm!

Jersey the Puggle

Par said...

Cute pj your wearing, good to keep you all cuddly warm!

Puggle Preston said...

Bruschi, You are sooo cute in your PJ! You do look like you are ready to go nite nite!


Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Hi Bruschi,

It's me GiGi, sorry things did'nt work out for me and you. My heart is broken, I am just a very pushy little stafford. I hope you dont have any nightmares about me, you may pee your little pj's. Sweet dreams Bruschi maybe we will meet again.

xoxo GiGi