Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sad News....

Well, I have to tell you about my recent ailment. I have been having some trouble with my back right leg for over a week now and Mommy has been very worried about me. One day, I just started limping and would not put my leg down. Then a minute later, I was back on it and running. The limping and lameness in my leg became more and more frequent throughout the day, but I wasn't in any sort of pain. So Mommy started searching on the internet and came up with a conclusion of what I had, based on my symptoms. And she was RIGHT! (See daddy, mommy is always right! I told you!!) I have "Patella Luxation". I went to the vet yesterday for x-rays and all the doc did is move my knee and he knew instantly what I had and luckily, we didn't need to do x-rays. He said he has never seen it in a dog my size, as it is usually in small breeds, but it is treatable with surgery. He said that I don't need to have the surgery just yet, as I am at a Grade I level of luxation, but I have to take it easy until we do get it fixed. That means no more running, jumping, rough housing with my girlfriend Molly, or long walks! I am bummed! "How could this happen to me" I asked the doc, and he said it is genetics. :( I have attached a link to an article about my condition if any of you are interested in reading more about it. I hope this doesn't become common for us puggles! Surgery is going to be expensive, starting around $1000!! Mommy said no matter what, I will be taken care of, even if they go broke in the process! Boy, my Mommy sure does love me!

I hope that Santa Paws feels extra sorry for me this year and brings me even more goodies! (hint hint mommy)

Oh and on another all know how I have been on this stupid diet since Oct 18th right. Well, I got weighed in and guess how much I have lost.....NOTHING! Not a single ounce! Other than a bite of Tofurky, I have not cheated! All this starving for nothing!! I quit! Clearly diets do not work!! BOL!


Eduardo said...

I'm very sorry Bruschi! Poor Bruschi! I've got an award for you! I will be snuggling for you to get better! My Mommy is praying for you!
Hugs & Snugs
Eduardo the Snuggle Puggle

Lacy said...

w00f's Bruschi, me iz rocky and me iz a friend of Eduardos...he said u mite need sum cheering up..when will u haff to have surgery on ur sorry it hurts and me will keep me paws crossed fur u..

b safe,

Anonymous said...

Oh Bruschi! I am so sad to hear you are hurt/sick... I am even more sad to hear you haven't lost any weight! BOL- I am still on my diet and I'm afraid Mommy is gonna be in for a shock when we go to get me weighed... BOL Are you going to have surgery before Santa Paws comes??!! I hope you get to run soon, and give up the diet!

Unknown said...

Oh we are so sorry about your leg! You are really lucky that your Mom is planning to get your surgery. It must be a terrible challenge to lose weight and NOT exercise or rough house or run around a lot. Keep trying. We bet that losing some pounds will make your leg feel better until your surgery, too.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bruschi, that is not good news, but at least it is very treatable. It's good to hear your Mom is going to do the surgery. I hope Santa Paws is extra good to you too!! You deserve some exciting new toys, puzzle toys, or something you can play with quietly XOXO Peanut

CoCo said...

Oh Bruschi,

I'm sorry to hear of your little hurt leg! I know you will be back to new in no time! Santa Paws will be sure to bring you all the extra special things this year...I know it! I know it is frustrating to not lose any weight after all that hard Mama said that you are now maintaining weight with what you are doing...I had to incorporated extra rigorous, straineous exercises to lose a little ounce. I hated DIETING too!


Puggle Preston said... sorry to hear about your leg, Bruschi. Thanks for the info. My mommy said she would pay more attention to my legs. You looked soo sad in that picture. That made me feel sad too.

big hugs,

Anonymous said...

Hey B, can you use the EMAIL KYLIE button on my blog and send me your address??


Mr. Puggle® said...

Bruschi, dude, sorry about the bum leg. I never heard of that. Thanks for the heads up. I hope you will be out of pain soon.

I love the PJs. Too cute! You look like a character. Actually I AM a character at my own store. Come check it out!

If your people send me a high resolution picture of yourself, I can make a store for you too. Then your mug will be on the mugs. Moms LOVE that stuff. ;)

Later, Mr. Puggle