Monday, February 2, 2009

Miserable Monday.....

It's official....I hate Monday's! Mommy please, please pleeeeeeeease don't go to work today. Look at how cute I am all nestled up in the bed! Don't you want to stay here with little old me all day? Don't you?
Sigh.......another Miserable Monday


CoCo said...

Hopefully you are not totally miserable. I don't much like Monday's either because Daddy goes to work really early and I have to wake up early with him. Then I go back to sleep all day long. Not too miserable for me...just really boring!

I hope your Tuesday is better!


Anonymous said...

Aww... Bruschi! We all use the same tricks, huh? I gave my cutest snuggly ace to mommy this morning, and she still went to school.

If us puggles ruled the world, mondays would be banned! So would work and school and anything except for eating, sleeping and cuddling!


Anonymous said...

Oh PULL-eeezzzz!!! You were in BED ALL DAY LONG!! Your Mom ratted you out to me! BOL


lola said...

hah. Mondays are just horrible for everyone!

That is funny that you were born where we live! We are wishing we lived where you live right now because of the cold and snow. Let's just say you ended up with exactly the right family.

I'm adding you as a friend!

Anonymous said...

Look at that face...too cute. I hate Mondays too! But today is Friday!! I love those. xoxo Peanut

lola said...

Bruschi it is like 7.99 at pecto or petsmart. AND its a kong product so your mommy will definetly get it for you. Sometimes mommy and I will just lay and watch tv and she will massage me with it for a long time. Hope you get one soon!

lots of licks,