Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Present from My Puggletine!

So, today is the day I have been anxiously waiting for! I have been sitting at the front door waiting like a patient little puggle for my love package from Miss Kylie!
Give it to me Mommy!

Oh ridiculous......she is making me WAIT

Enough of that waiting.....oh boy, look at all the fun stuff!!!
Love bites, bones with red ribbon, and white and red stuffie bone!!

Well.....that didn't take long! BOL! After I furiously chewed one of the bones, and about 4 love bites, I killed my new stuffie. Mommy was NOT pleased. I have to keep reminding her that THIS is what puggles are supposed to do!
Thank you Miss Kylie for my love package! I just love everything! So glad you are my puggletine!
Hugs and Licks, Bruschi xo


Chase said...

I have to keep reminding my mom about the destroying stuffie thing too Bruschi! That's the best part of having stuffies!

Licks and sniffs,


lola said...

aww I hope to have my very own puggletine by next year!! you are very lucky bruschi!

Anonymous said...

Oh Bruschi! It got there! WOOF! I am glad the mail lady didn't make you sit waiting at the door much longer! You look so handsome sitting getting your picture taken with the package!
I am sure that you were just taking your frustration out that we aren't together, that is why you destroyed the stuffie...

Your Puggletine KYLIE