Friday, June 18, 2010

Life with Ebby

Well, I can't complain about my new foster sister Ebby. We are a lot alike and are getting alone just fine! She likes to do whatever I do, especially lay on the couch with me. But she is much more behaved than I am......she waits for the humans to invite her to the couch before jumping up. Show off!

Last night while we were getting ready for Game 7 of the NBA Finals, we heard some bag crunching sounds coming from the kitchen so we both ran in to investigate!

Oh it's tortilla chips!! Down here Mom, Down here!
(She didn't share, can you believe it!)

BOL! Ebby has such a silly smile....her teeth are all crazy and she's even got a spot where she is missing a tooth! Mommy thinks it's adorable. What do you think?

This is a picture of us during the Game......when we were all happy and having fun.
Of course.....the last 6 minutes of the game we were not......but hey, at least I have a cool jersey! Better luck next year Celtics!


Unknown said...

Mom thinks Ebby is adorable. Kind of that "she's so ugly that she's cute". Long before I came along, Mom had a black pug named Stella. Mom said her eyes buldged out so much that the vet warned her they could fall out. Mom thought it was cute.

Mom is weird like that.

Puggle Preston said...

aww...I see what your mom means that Ebby has crazy teeth. I think that makes her even cuter!
No chips for you guys?? not even the power of TWO cute faces could break her? wow..your mom is tough.
oh the game sucks..I mean..the game was fine..the result sucks.


Remington said...

Love the jersey! And I think Ebby's smile is perfect! Have a fun filled weekend!

Oliver Tate said...

I love how ebbys eyes look green with the flash! youre such a nice puggle to share all your stuff with her bruschi. your mommy is very luck!


Bijou said...

Hi Brushi and Ebby,

We are happy to hear you two are getting along so well! You make a great couple. Ebby does have a one-of-a-kind smile. Cute! Sorry for your team losing in the final seconds. Believe me, we know all about that stuff.(Big 12 championship football game we lost when they put 1 second back on the clock!) Better luck next time.


Sierra Rose said...

You two are PALS!!! That is awesome :)
Your double cute faces should earn some chippies, no? Keep working on it! :)

Hugs and snaggle-tooth kisses,
Sierra Rose

Life With Dogs said...

I feel your pain. That was a long, sad ending to one heck of a game...

Ariel said...

O'my Bruschi I have been away too long. Your foster sister is sososo Barking cute. Her teeth make her look cute too. Human Granny always worries about my little teeth in the front too. So happy for you.
Barking Great news!
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3