Thursday, June 10, 2010

Meet Foster Dog #3!

Meet Ebony!
This is the foster dog Mommy picked up last night. Her name is Ebony, but we are calling her Ebby for short.

They say she is a pug mix, but they aren't sure mixed with what. She was a stray that they pulled from a shelter. She had a microchip but it wasn't registered, and no one came looking for her. She was obviously someone's pet as she is very well behaved, knows her commands, and loves people!
What do you think she is mixed with? She weighs 28 lbs and they are estimating her to be about 4 years old.

I think she might have Staffordshire Bull Terrier mixed with Pug in her?
Thoughts anyone?


the teacher's pets said...

How nice of you to foster cute little Ebby! It is sad that no one knows who her parents are because I'm sure Ebby misses them an awful lot! Thank goodness you were there to lend a hand just in the knick of time and I'm sure she's sooo happy with you!
I would say that she's a pug mixed with a lab???? But I think your guess is much better than mine!
Good luck with her! Keep us posted!

Remington said...

I don't know but she is a cutie!

Puggle Preston said...

Hello Bruschi,
oh wow..Ebby is not as tiny as I thought she would be. She is pretty cute! I am glad to hear she is well-behaved.
How do you like her? is she a good playmate?
i can't wait to hear more about her.

Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! woof! Good to meet you. How great that you're doing this. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Sonic said...

She's a pug mixed with all kinds of cute!


Mr. Puggle® said...

ebby. what a cute name. God bless ya for taking on another puggle. bruschi is probably wondering what is happening to his once quiet spoiled have mama all to myself life. hope they have fun playing and ebby finds a forever home!

Bella and Ollie said...

I don't know much about breeds, sorry.
But she sure is cute! :)
Give her lots of cuddles!

Love, Bella.

Bijou said...

Woo wee Bruschi! You have been very busy. Your blog has a new look (we love it!) and you went on a trip to the fire station and now you got a new furiend. I hope that silly cone worked and your paw is all better! Ebby is real cute and it's terrific you two get along so well. Maybe she has lived so long that she thinks playing is a waste of energy.(I don't think I will ever get too old for that though will you?) BOL She looks just like a Puggle to us.


Anonymous said...

OMG, she's too cute...your so good to foster another visitor :)
they look adorable together...
good luck and keep us posted !!!
love Ciara and Bidelia