Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Lady In Red

Yep, that would be Ebby! Sporting her new red harness! I think she likes it!

Yep, she likes it. Red is definitely her color! Mommy was sick of her using an old blue one, and Daddy wouldn't let her get a Pink one, so they settled on red. I think she looks stunning in red! BOL!

Well, while Mommy has been cleaning and doing laundry all morning, this is what we've been doing. This is probably what we'll be doing most of the day. Hope all of my furiends out there are relaxing too while the humans do human stuff! Puggles sure know how to snuggle!


Maggie Mae and Max said...

Oh Ebby's new harness is LUVerlys! I am doing the same things you guys are..only with my dad. :)

Woofs and Licks,
Maggie Mae

Puggle Preston said...

we agree! Ebby looks great in red!!
oh i really like your comfy couch! I miss my couch eventhough it is not nearly as comfy as yours.


Selba said...

Ebby is definitely a cutie!

Adele, Vincent & Bella

Oliver Tate said...

you should have gone with pink! what does your daddy know. but ebby sure does look pretty in her red harness. jack agrees. he said black dogs have to stick together!

oliver and jack

Bijou said...

Yep. Red is the pawfect color for Ebby. You two made yourselves very comfy while snoopervising the hoomans. BOL


Maddy and Owen said...

Hiya Bruschi! u look cozy on the couch cushion like that. I do the same on my couch at my house while I look out the window and wait for mommy and daddy to come home.


CoCo said...

Ebby's new harness looks great! My Mama bought me a fancy red one like Ebby's but I refused to wear it because it feels like clothes. I ended up giving it to my pal Duke.

Us black puggles have to stand out some how, especially us females. Red is definitely more girly than blue!


Bruschi, you have the right idea. On top of the pillows high on the couch is the best spot!

Ariel said...

Ebby looks Great in red. Love it! Yes we Puggles sure know how to Snuggle. Snicker! Snicker! <3