Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Ebby found her Forever Home!

We have GREAT news! Little Miss Ebby has found her Forever Home!!
She won't be going too far......actually, she won't be going far at all! Know why?
Because her Forever Home is with us!!! We decided to adopt Ebby!!

Ebby is a perfect fit here in our house, and she has learned to play with toys!
This is what we do all day! She loves to take as many toys out of the toy box as possible!

Can you believe it? I have a sister now! A real sister!!
Mommy says, I will always be top dog in the house though, no matter what!

BOL, Ebby and her snaggle teeth! They show up in every picture!
I think Ebby is going to have a great life here with us. She has fit in right from the start and Mommy said that if I want to have a brother or sister, there is no better match out there for me than Ebby. We are so thankful she came into our lives, and so glad that we were able to save her and give her a second chance at life!

Welcome Home Ebby, Welcome Home!


Puggle Preston said...

congratulations!! (mommy is a little emotional these days...maybe cuz we are getting close to say good-bye to boston, this happy news made her all teary eyed) We are SO happy to see Ebby found the BEST forever home and Bruschi got a real sister! She is going to have the happiest life with you guys. ohh...and I will get to meet Ebby too when I visit you! yeah!

Remington said...

Congrats to Ebby! I bet you will miss her!

Remington said...

Maybe I should read things better! I am having so much trouble with blogland today I can't focus! nothing has been posting since last night. I am happy to hear the last one did! Sorry I didn't read it closer. I am very happy she will be your sister....I love her teeth!

Unknown said...

Bruschi, you're so lucky! Mom wants to get me a sister but Dad says NO WAY.

I really like Ebby's teeth. They give her character!

Oliver Tate said...

oh bruschi that is so great! i'm so glad you found a sister. she is a very lucky dog to have you guys for a family!

oliver tate

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS , WHAT A LUCKY DOG Ebby is, and I'm sure Bruschi is so excited with his new sister, I'm so happy it all worked out :)
love Ciara and Bidelia

lola said...

I am so happy for your family!! I had a feeling when with her fitting in so well it would be hard for your mommy to not keep her!!


CoCo said...

Hip hip hurray!!!!! Yay for the family! Mama was getting a little sad at first, thinking that Ebby left to another forever home. But after reading that she has joined the family....she and I are thrilled! Congratulations Bruschi on your new sister...we know you'll be a great big brother! Congratulations Ebby for finding a great home! We can't wait to read more about everyone's new experience!


Ariel said...

THIS IS GREAT NEWS! I am so Happy for you both and the humans too! I would love to have a Puggle brother or sister. Human Granny says one day soon when we get a yard. WooHoo! Big Congratulations! <3 <3 one for each of you! What a Great human Mom and Dad you have. Bless them!
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

Bijou said...

OMD!! This is the most pawesome news! We are furry happy for all of you. Congrats!!


Mr. Puggle® said...

oh how exciting! yay ebby! what a lil' cutie.