Friday, April 23, 2010

A Sad but Happy Day

Hello furiends. I am very sad this morning. Mommy told me the news....that Maggie is getting adopted tomorrow! I am really sad that she is leaving because we love each other so much.....but Mommy said that it's a good thing that she is going to such a good home in south Florida! The house she is going to has a 2.5 year old male puggle for her to play with. I am not gonna lie.....I am really jealous! I don't like to share my girlfriends! But Mommy said, that the puggle may not like Maggie and not welcome her kindly into their home, and if that happens, Maggie will be back!

What do you mean I am leaving lady?? I love it here!

Bruschi's Mom Christen here......tomorrow we will be driving Maggie to meet her new adoptive parents and say our good-byes. She is a sweet little girl and is going to be a wonderful addition to their family! She will be missed terribly.....and I am crying as I type this. If the timing worked out better, we would be adopting her. I am really happy that we were able to give her a safe and happy home until her forever family came along! It's very rewarding but very hard to say Good-Bye!


Remington said...

I am sorry you have to say goodbye to your friend but now she will have a loving forever home just like you! Maybe you can vacation together or just have lunch once in awhile....I'm just sayin'....

Mr. Puggle® said...

oh that is happy but sad news.

i think of it this way, by letting maggie go, you are opening the way for more puggles to find forever homes. if you adopted maggie, you wouldn't be able to continue to be a foster home.

thanks for taking care of maggie. you are such a caring person.

Bijou said...

Hi Bruschi,

We are both sad and happy to hear Maggie got adopted. I know you really loved her and will miss her a whole bunch. I hope she has a terrific life in south Florida.


Unknown said...

My mom has thought about fostering puggles, but is afraid that it might ruin how good things are in our house. I'm such a good boy, you know.

Mom owns her own business and gets to work at home every single day, so she could keep an eye on things. Does your mom work with a rescue organization?

Selba said...

Yeah.. sad but it's also good news too :)

Have a nice weekend!

Adele, Vincent & Bella

Puggle Preston said...

we will miss Maggie!
oh Bruschi,I know you are sad to see Maggie go. I am sure she will remember you forever!
Please give your mommy a big kiss for me and tell her not to be sad.


Ariel said...

Bitter Sweet! You will always be her Big Puggle Brother! <3