Sunday, April 18, 2010

World's Biggest Duck!

Check out my new stuffie! This is one big duck! Daddy bought him for me, for being such a tolerant puggle of little Maggie! This duck squeaks, and quacks and even grunts! BOL

As soon as Daddy gave it to me, I carried him right to my bed!

What's that you say Mr. Duck? You would prefer that I don't chew on your beak? AND you want me to stop biting your belly? Boy you sure are one bossy duck!


Oliver Tate said...

i love your duck bruschi. stuffed toys dont last that long in my house though. mommy just keeps throwing money away on them. i love to rip out the squeakers and pull out all the stuffing! i emailed your mommy about my dislike for loud noises. my email address is

Riley, Titan,Boo and Sandy said...

I wuv your duckie....he has a nice beak to chew. How is Maggie any word on a FURever home...YOURS maybe???

CoCo said...

Wow, that Mallard is as big as YOU! I think I would also chew on the beak and belly too, if not, what's the point...


Puggle Preston said...

oh boy..that is a giant duck! you must like it a lot that you brought it right back to your bed. Daddy picked out a great stuffie for you.
do you grab your duck by the neck? that's what I would do.
You better keep your eyes on your duck, maggie might steal it. :)