Friday, May 28, 2010

The "Not So" Comfy Cone

Ok so I have been chewing my paw for the past day and a half and I seem to have really done a number on it today while Mommy was at work. Lucky for me she got out early today and suggested we go for a ride in the CAR! YIPPPEEE!!

Oh boy, I sure do love car rides! I even got to ride shotgun today!! (all buckled in of course)

well, we went to PetSupermarket and THIS is what I came home with!!!
A "Comfy Cone" as they call it! MOM! you HAVE to be kidding me?!
She said this way I can't chew at my paw! I haven't had to wear one of these devices since I lost my manhood 3 and a half years ago!!

Oh and it gets better.....

I look like something out of the Star Wars movies! Puggle-Won-Kanobi!

Ok seriously.....this is ridiculous! What a way to spend a holiday weekend!


Remington said...

You left the vet with a lammpshade on your head -- man do they know how to party there or what?
I hope you are feeling better and that you can get that off your head soon....have a fun weekend! (or atleast try -- maybe sad eyes will produce a lot of treats, I am just sayin'....)

Puggle Preston said...

oh no. Itchy paw? Allergy, again?
I am so sorry to hear that you have to wear a cone. It looks like a pillow around your neck. haha..maybe you can sleep on it. that's why they call it comfy?
You look so funny. we love Puggle-Won-Kanobi picture. Star war was the first thing popped into our mind when we saw you too. haha!
take care, I hope you have a wonderful memorial weekend!

Unknown said...

Sorry Bruschi...I hope you are feeling better soon....however you do "Rock the Cone"

Oliver Tate said...

oh no brushci! cones are no fun. just be like me and take it off! i hope your paw feels better. i itch and bite mine too sometimes when my allergies are bothering me. at least you always have a pillow with you now!


lola said...

OH NOO I have never had to wear one of those and I am glad! I hope you get to take it off soon. Atleaste she got you the deluxe model.


Mr. Puggle® said...

sorry to laugh at you brushi but ROTFLMPBO!

CoCo said...

Oh Bruschi! I'm so sorry to see you in such a miserable state! I got to say though, it really made my Mama laugh out LOUD! Sorry!

My roommate Duke had the same problem. It stemmed from an ant bite. His cone was the simple generic plastic one...not as fun as yours! I hope its all better now!


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain paws itch all the time and momma gives me this medicine she says it for allergies and its yucky...

wags and licks