Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day Recap

Hope all of my furiends and their Mommy's had a great Mother's Day Weekend!
I bought Mommy some pretty flowers, well Daddy bought them, but we can pretend I did. And then I got to go for a car ride with Mommy to get Iced Coffee!
I just love riding in the car! Especially now that we have an SUV! All kinds of room for me to explore in the back! Don't I look so happy?!

The weather was so perfect here yesterday too that I also spent some time out in the Lanai just relaxing and enjoying the warm sun and nice breeze! This is one of my favorite seats......

This is my other favorite seat! It's so nice that the humans have so many seating options out there for me! It's like every day is Puggles Day at my house!

I want to thank my Mommy for being the best Mommy a puggle could ask for and tell her how lucky I am to have a Mommy like her that just loves me to pieces!
I love you Mommy! Hope you had a Happy Mother's Day with me!


the teacher's pets said...

It was very obvious that you love riding in the car with your mom and dad! It is soooo fun to see everything from the back seat, isn't it?
I am wondering if your mom took out a few ice cubes from her iced coffee yesterday cuz my mom does that for me! In fact, she usually asks the Dunkin lady for a whole cup of ice cubes! Can you imagine how tasty that is for a coonhound like me!
Hope you have a super fun day!

Remington said...

I am certain your mommy had a great day with you! You are her best friend!

Mr. Puggle® said...

every day is puggle day. that was a good one bruschi!

Sonic said...

Car rides are the bestest bestest inventions in the whole wide world!

Mommas are a dog's best friend!


Oliver Tate said...

My mommy won't let me have coffee because she is worried the caffeine will make me extra hyper! i dont know what the problem with that is. i bet your mommy had the best day with you and is greatful for a great puggle like you!


Puggle Preston said...

hi Bruschi!
how nice of you and daddy getting mommy flowers.
I was extra snuggly on mother's day. mom said that was the best gift.
your suv looks like the new car smell? it is good that you got tan colored interior..good choice for a puggle's ride. (mom's is black..bad idea!)
your house is like vacation resort. there are comfy lounging areas everywhere. jealous!