Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Greetings from Ebby

Hi Furiends! It's me Ebby! Bruschi said I could post on his bloggie today. He is such a nice puggle brother! I am getting along great here and I am so happy that this family adopted me! I eat the yummiest food, go for nice long walkies, and have oodles of toys to play with!
I think I have decided that this Toy Box is my favorite place in the house!

It's even a nice place to sleep!!

Lady, stop taking my picture! Can't you see I am trying to catch some Z's!


Golden Woofs! SUGAR said...

Woof! Woof! How CUTE you are!!! You sure enjoying the toys n comfy toy box. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

Oliver Tate said...

ebby we both sleep the same way as you! curled into a little ball. its so comfortable. its a good thing you have all those soft toys for cushioning!

oliver and jack

Remington said...

WOWZERS! Do you have a lot of toys! COOL!

Maddy and Owen said...

Wow Ebby! Look at all those toys you have! Do you share with your brother or keep them for yourself??? and I agree, it does look like a very comfy place to take a nap :)

JL, Grayce, and Danger said...

Hi! Thanks for stopping by our blog. We are new to this but so far love showing off our video and pictures :) We also love reading about everyone elses adventures. Grayce says that Bruschi sure looks a lot like her best bud Maddy! Ebby sure is cute too!

Puggle Preston said...

ohh..Ebby, we are so happy for you! you have found yourself the best home a doggie can ask for.
that toy box does look like a great place to go nite nite. With you gurarding the toys, bruschi doesn't need to worry about anyone stealing them.

Ariel said...

What a nice Puggle Brother you have Ebby. Bruschi how Sweet you are. Licks and Wags to you both! Ariel <3