Monday, August 30, 2010

My humans went on vacation and all I got was......

So you may have noticed I have disappeared from the blog world for a bit. That is because the humans went away on vacation and didn't take me with them!!
They got home last night and I was giving Mommy the evil eye while she unpacked her suitcases. Ebby and I were not pleased to have been left behind!

Especially after we find out, that all they brought us home were these lobster shaped cookies! Can you imagine! As if I am supposed to just forgive them for leaving us?!

THEN I find out, that Mommy and Daddy saw OTHER dogs while they were on vacation!
Daddy was being kissed by Brady! I can't believe the betrayal!

And Mommy got to spend time with her "sister" Bailey at her dad's house!!
All while Ebby and I were home!

Mommy also was a bridesmaid in her friends wedding.....a friend she has known since 1st grade! (Wow Mommy, you are old! BOL) Mommy is the one on the far right.

Not to worry furiends. We were not left home alone. Mommy's good friends came and stayed with us in our house so we were not alone. And my dog walker friend came every day too to take us out and make sure we were behaving!
Next time, Mommy said we get to go with them on their next vacation! That sure beats those stupid lobster cookies! BOL


3 doxies said...

Duuuuude, I was getting ready to come see if you feel off da face of da earth. I sure wish I had known da pawrents were gone cuz we sooooo could haves had a pawty...hehehe!
And fur da love of Pete, you mean they actually took fotos of da betrayal? What is wrong withs da peoples today?
And seriously, Lobster cookies? As if!


Maggie Mae and Max said...


Puddles is soo right! Next time let us know your peoples is going aways. We coulda had lots of fun...and beer!

Woof and Licks,
Maggie Mae

PeeS Welcome back!

Remington said...

The cookies look yummy....but I think you should of gotten to go need a vacation too, am I right or am I right....

Granite State Pet Sitting said...

We are sorry Bruschi that you didn't get to go on vacation, We all vote next time you go and get special cookies everyday!

Puggle Preston said...

Hi Bruschi, oh you sound so hilarious!
I am glad you got to stay at home and had ebby to keep you company too...even the most luxurious doggie resort is not as comfy as my own home.
Look at those big lobster cookies! I think you can forgive your parents this time.:-)


Minnie and Mack said...


So sorry you guys got left behind. If you don't eat those lobster cookes, send them our way!

Minnie and Mack

Oliver Tate said...

wow you and ebby do not look happy at all in that first picture! at least your mommy is home now and i'm sure you were better behaved than i was when my mommy went away.

oliver and jack

Mr. Puggle® said...

glad mommy had a good vacation. if mama ain't happy, ain't nobuddy happy.

CoCo said...

Wow Bruschi,

I'll be sure to remind my Mama to bring me something other than cookies when she goes to Vegas in October for Uncle Gary's wedding. I've been told that I will not get to go and may have to go to a doggy hotel. The worst part is that I have to go get a vaccine before they will take me. Its all bad news for me for their little happy ordeal! I'm glad you and Ebby made it through!


Maddy and Owen said...

I'm sorry that you and Ebby didn't get to go on vacation with your Mommy and Daddy! I know how you feel, but my grandparents are excellent babysitters :) so it makes it not so terrible. At least you got some nice big lobster cookies to eat. Hope they are good!

Ariel said...

Well Bruschi you and Ebby do look a little jealous. BOL! But I think the cookies look yummy! So Great Mommy and Daddy are home and you are getting back to blogging.
Licks and Wags, Ariel <3