Saturday, August 7, 2010

Pools are not for puggles......not this one anyways!

Ok so turns out, those devices were for a pool party we went to with the humans this weekend. Unfortunately, we didn't get any pictures of Ebby in the water because she only lasted point 2 seconds. She wore her life vest, Mommy took her in the water and she started flailing around and covered Mommy's legs in scratches and was absolutely terrified! Needless to say, Ebby hates the pool BOL
So the next morning (Saturday), Mommy said it was my turn but didn't want the same result so opted out of using the life vest.

Mommy was holding me and it wasn't so bad sitting on the stairs.

Then it was time to see if I knew how to do the Puggle Paddle!

Get me out of here!!!!! The look on Mommy's face says it all! BOL! I was scratching like crazy trying to cling onto her while she was trying to get me back t the stairs.
I think I'll skip the pools from now on BOL!

Later in the day I relaxed with the humans and stayed clear away from the scary pool.
Then we went to a Farmer's Market and me and Ebby got some giant bully sticks!

Here we all are finishing off the day and heading home.
I will post more pics of me and Ebby and our new doggy friend Bella that we met at the pool party! (Blogger won't let me add any more to this post)


Granite State Pet Sitting said...

Sorry that you didn't like the pool. We have a Doggy pool here in NH that is beach grade,so we can get use to gradually. WE hope you are having a good weekend.

Oliver Tate said...

Oh no B! i cant believe you and your sister dont like the pool! i love just floating on the raft. maybe thats what you need. jack doesnt know that he can just chill like me so he is constantly swimming to mommy. your poor mommy..all scracthed up. give her extra kisses!


Maddy and Owen said...

I know how you feel guys! I'm not a big fan of the pool either...even with my life jacket, but Mommy and Daddy make me go in with the hopes that one day I will turn into a water Puggle! I also leave them all scratched up-BOL Maybe you'll like it next time!

Puggle Preston said...

Hello, Bruschi!
so sorry you guys didn't enjoy the pool. I was like you the first time in the pool too. I calmed down quickly when mommy also came into the pool with me. I did gave her some claw marks before calming down. hee hee..I am glad that I learned to like water before moving to TX ("only" took me 3 years..) All the dog parks we visited here have doggie pools!
The expression on your mommy's face is so funny! we hope one day you and ebby will find swimmig fun. it is okay to take it slow!

Ariel said...

Aww! My first pool pawty was like that too. Except human Papa got the scratches. Human Granny just stayed on the deck and called to me. Snicker! Snicker! But now I love the water. Hope it gets better for you. Take it easy and it will come to you. Licks and Wags, Ariel <3

CoCo said...
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CoCo said...


You know I don't much like water. I haven't been in a chlorinated pool, but I have gone to Bull Creek Dog Park here in Austin. It is like a natural spring water place. Very popular for us Austin nites. My parents tricks were just to put me in in the deep end and watch me paddle. I manage to stay afloat. It came naturally, but it doesn't mean I liked it!


pee esss, yeah, your Mommy's reaction was funny!