Thursday, March 4, 2010

Good Bye Tyson

Well today is the day that Tyson will be leaving us. I am sad to report that after much effort, him and Bruschi are just not getting along. The fighting was getting so bad I swear, it sounded like I was running a dog fighting ring! So for the safety of both Bruschi and Tyson, it is best that we part ways and send him off to another foster home. I feel terrible, as he just keeps bouncing around and I think has gotten quite a bad reputation with the rescue, but he is truly not a bad dog at all!! I am confident that he WILL find a great forever home! I am really going to miss him, despite all the frustration and stress he brought into my life, LOL. I will probably cry when I say my good-byes to him, as he did become my little buddy and followed me everywhere I went. long Tyson! I am glad we could give you a nice home, even if only for a short while.
For anyone interested in more information about Tyson or any other pug or puggle that needs a home, please visit


Bijou said...

Oh darn! We were hoping you and Tyson had worked out an agreement. Don't feel bad though. You tried hard and I'm sure Tyson had a good time staying with you. We hope he finds his furever home soon. Maybe he needs to be in a home by himself or with a girl doggy. Sometimes boys and girls get along better than two boys or two girls.

Anyways, thanks for helping Tyson out.


Sonic said...

Oh no... that's so sad! I thought with the last post that things might've gotten better and were working out. I guess it's just not meant to be.

Like Bijou said, you tried hard and it's not your fault the two boys just don't get along. Hopefully Tyson can find a home that he'll be comfortable in soon.


Puggle Preston said...

ohh... Mommy and I feel sad too. we know you have tried really hard to help Tyson. I will cross my paws for him and hope that he finds a forever home soon.


Remington said...

That is too bad -- but sometimes things like that happen. I hope Tyson finds a forever home soon.

Ariel said...

Me and human Granny are sad. Hope he find a Great forever home soon. <3

CoCo said...


Tyson was not the most easy guest to have...he came in and dominated! You are not a wussy dog..,just respectful and minding....the exact type that won't need to be in a foster home. Too bad for Tyson, I hope he finds a forever home soon!